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Toshiba Universal Remote Codes + Programming Without A Code [2023]

Toshiba universal remote codes are essential for simplifying your home entertainment experience. You need a code to pair your universal remote, unless the universal remote has an auto-code search (most do).

To program a universal remote to your Toshiba TV, start by trying the auto-code-search feature of your remote. You may need to look up the manual to do that. If auto-search doesn’t work, use the direct code entry method with the appropriate code for your brand of universal remote.

There are different codes based on the manufacturer of the universal remote. Universal remotes will have different pairing, auto-search, and remote-learning capabilities. Below, we’ll start with the codes and instructions you probably need before looking at more advanced options.

Toshiba Universal Remote Codes (Most Common)

The Most Common Toshiba Universal Remote Codes

Toshiba TVs can be controlled by various universal remotes, and each manufacturer, model, and service provider has its own set of codes. To ensure your universal remote works with your Toshiba TV, use the correct code. Here are some of the most common Toshiba Universal Remote Codes organized by remote brand, and then by “code length”.

Remote Brand/Code LengthToshiba Universal Remote Codes
GE0012, 0049, 0095, 0105, 0109, 0117, 0120, 0141, 0159, 0170, 0178, 0181, 0260, 0358, 0394, 0924
Magnavox0053, 0090, 0092, 0108, 0125, 0132
Phillips0041, 0094, 0111, 0112, 0313, 0419, 0437, 0506, 0512, 0517, 0613, 0618, 0627, 0715, 0719, 0802
RCA1000, 1048, 1049, 1071, 1072, 1073, 1105, 1109, 1117, 1118, 1160, 1161, 1162, 1190, 1201, 1207, 1256, 1262, 1280, 1282, 1284, 1287, 1290, 1356, 1358, 1374, 1379, 1380, 1438, 1451, 1453, 1455
Onn5104, 0514, 5028, 5018, 5075
DirecTV11524, 10650, 11656
10156, 11704
Vivitar0053, 3031, 3475, 5199
3-Digit Codes060, 154, 156
4-Digit Codes0156, 0260, 0394, 0398, 0924, 0973, 0983, 1121, 1191
5-Digit Codes10003, 10036, 10060, 10093, 10149, 10154, 10156, 10650, 10736, 10822, 10832
Common Universal Remote Codes for Toshiba Televisions

While we’ve included the “fixed-length” codes here (3, 4, and 5-digit), we don’t see people having much use when them. In rare cases, they’re appropriate, but if you have a Toshiba TV and a universal remote in hand, you’re better off starting with the Universal remote’s brand codes.

And, while we’ve presented simple pairing instructions below, you should check out our dedicated guides on:

Finding Your Toshiba Universal Remote Code

If your code is not in the table above, there are a few ways to find it:

  • User Manual: Check the user manual that came with your universal remote. It often includes a list of remote control codes for various TV brands. If you don’t have the manual, pull it up from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Check Online: If you don’t have the code, you can google what you’ve already tried + the brand of your universal remote.

  • Try Auto-Code Search: We’ll give instructions for this below, but you can usually use your universal remote to find the correct code automatically using an auto-search feature.

How to Program A Universal Remote to a Toshiba TV

If you want to program a universal remote to your Toshiba TV, the process is relatively simple. Although we can’t be certain which remote you have, we’ll provide instructions that should work for most brands, including the option we recommend most often: the Philips 6-Device Universal Remote (on Amazon).

Direct Code Entry Method

If you’re using a code, then the direct code entry is the method we’ll start with. With your code in hand, work through this list of steps to program your universal remote to your Toshiba TV.

  1. Find the remote control code for your Toshiba TV in your universal remote’s user manual. The code will typically be a 4 or 5-digit number that you will need to enter during the setup process.

  2. Turn on your Toshiba TV to ensure it is ready for programming.

  3. Press and hold the Setup/Program button on your universal remote until the indicator light turns on. Release the button. Usually, you’ll also hit the Device key before or after this one, depending on the remote. Most remotes have you hit the device key AFTER the Setup/Program key, so, go ahead and hit the “TV” button now.

  4. Enter the remote control code for your Toshiba TV using the number pad on your remote. The indicator light on the remote should blink or stay solid, indicating a successful code entry.

  5. Point the remote towards the TV and press the Power button. If the TV turns off, the universal remote has been successfully programmed.

Using Auto Code Search Method

If you’re not able to find the code for your Toshiba TV or the Direct Code Entry method doesn’t work, you can try the Auto Code Search method:

  1. Turn on your Toshiba TV to ensure it is ready for programming.

  2. Press and hold the Setup/Program button on your universal remote until the indicator light turns on or starts blinking. Release the button.

  3. Press the device button (in this case, the TV button) on your universal remote. The indicator light should blink once and then remain solid, or blink twice for some models.

  4. Press the Power button on your remote while pointing it towards your Toshiba TV. The remote will begin sending codes to your TV in search of the correct code, and it will try a new code every time you hit the power key. For some models, you use the channel up/down to step through the codes. So, if you’re not sure, try it with the channel buttons–it shouldn’t hurt anything.

  5. When your TV turns off, press the device button (the TV button) again to store the discovered code. Your universal remote should now be programmed to control your Toshiba TV. Some models may require you to hit the Setup/Program key to exit programming mode.

Remember to always consult your user manual for specific instructions related to your particular universal remote model. By using the Direct Code Entry or Auto Code Search methods, you can easily program a universal remote to control your Toshiba TV.

Consider Using a Smartphone As A Remote

You can actually use your smartphone as a remote for your Toshiba TV. There are several applications available that can fully control your TV, and most of them are free to download. By using a smartphone as a remote, you can enjoy a more streamlined and convenient TV experience, and you won’t need to set up a universal remote.

Benefits of using a smartphone as a remote:

  • Provides all the same functionalities as a physical remote
  • No need to worry about losing or misplacing your remote
  • Often compatible with a wide range of Toshiba TV models

Here are a few applications that we recommend for controlling your Toshiba TV with a smartphone:

  1. Remote Control For Toshiba TVs (Android): Though not made by Toshiba, this app is specifically designed to control Toshiba TVs. It includes all essential remote control functions, such as adjusting volume and changing channels. However, as a free app, it may have some pop-up ads.

  2. Toshy (iOS): This app is a good option to control your Toshiba TV, but it’s only compatible with Apple devices (i.e., iPhone, iPad, or Mac). While there might be some minor glitches, the app generally works well for controlling Toshiba TVs.

Make sure your TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and that the Bluetooth connection is working properly.


That’s pretty much it! With these codes and instructions in hand, you can now easily control your Toshiba TV using a universal remote. Now you can go ahead and enjoy the convenience of using just one universal remote for all your devices. With a little bit of practice, you’ll quickly become the master of your home entertainment setup.