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Fixed: Samsung TV Remote Not Working & Blinking Red Light

If you’re having trouble with your Samsung TV remote not working and red light blinking, then you’re probably wondering if you’re about to have to either replace the TV or, worse, simply not use your TV today! But don’t worry, we have some simple fixes for this, and a few other notes on how you can get past it.

To fix a Samsung TV Remote that isn’t working and blinking red light, first make sure there aren’t any obstructions to the line of sight between the remote and the TV, then try replacing the batteries. Next, try re-pairing the remote before replacing it and/or using the SmartThings app.

We’ll talk about these specifics and a few more interesting tidbits along the way, so, let’s go ahead and dive right into how to fix a Samsung TV remote that’s blinking a red light but won’t work!

Understanding the Problem: Why Does The Remote Flash Red And Stop Working?

Samsung Remote Red Light Blinking

The most common reason for Samsung remote flashing red and stopping working is due to a weak or dead battery. This is an easy fix, as all you need to do is replace the batteries with new ones. If this does not solve the problem, then there may be an issue with the remote itself.

Another reason why the Samsung TV remote may not be working is due to a remote pairing issue. If you have recently replaced the batteries, then you may need to re-pair the remote with your TV, which we’ll cover in detail below. All things equal, this is a bit less likely to be your problem.

In some cases, the Samsung TV remote may be damaged or malfunctioning. If this is the case, then you may want to purchase a new remote, which we’ll also discuss our thoughts on below.

Overall, the flashing light just means the remote/TV connection just needs a little TLC, so you can expect to be up and running in about 5 minutes if the problem is simple.

Quick Fixes For Your Samsung Remote That Won’t Work

First, we’ll give a quick summary table you can use to try and quickly troubleshoot and fix the issue. Below this, we’ll talk about each of these solutions in a little more detail.

Signal ObstructionMove closer to the TV or rearrange obstructions. Consider a remote extender.
Low Battery PowerReplace batteries, ensuring correct polarity and cleanliness.
Pairing IssuesRestart TV and re-pair the remote following the steps provided below.
Unknown FailureContact Samsung Support service with your TV model, issue description, and look to them to define warranty info or other next steps; consider replacing the remote.

Quick Reference Table: Samsung TV Remote Troubleshooting

Addressing Signal Obstruction (Moving Closer)

Samsung TV Large TV Mantle

It is important to note that the IR signal works by line of sight. This means that any physical obstruction between the remote and the TV sensor can cause signal issues.

One of the most common reasons for signal obstruction is furniture placement. If there is a large piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf or cabinet, between the remote and the TV, it can block the IR signal. In this case, we can try to move closer to the Television or rearrange the furniture to create a clear line of sight.

Pro Tip: If you have a TV just above a large mantle, as pictured above (in this case a Samsung Frame TV), you may have to raise your remote up over your shoulder to get consistent line-of-sight to the IR receiver on the TV.

Replacing The Remote’s Batteries (& Clean if Necessary)

If the red light on your Samsung TV remote is still blinking, it probably means the batteries are dead or dying. To replace them, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the battery compartment on the back of the remote and remove the cover.
  2. Take out the old batteries and dispose of them properly.
  3. Insert new batteries into the compartment, making sure to match the polarity (+/-) correctly.
  4. Replace the battery compartment cover.

We recommend using fresh, new batteries from the same brand and same type. Mixing different battery brands or using old and new batteries together can cause the remote to malfunction. For more information on this topic, check out this article on whether or not you should mix battery brands.

If needed, clean the battery compartment with a dry cloth or cotton swab, avoiding moisture. Ensure the battery terminals are clean and dry to prevent remote malfunction before inserting new batteries.

After changing batteries, check if the red light still blinks when using the remote. If it does, there may be other issues with the remote or TV. Refer to additional troubleshooting steps in this article if needed.

Re-Pairing The Remote To The Television

Samsung TV Remote General

Next, you can follow these steps to re-pair the remote to the TV to see if that will fix the issue.

  1. First, restart the TV by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in. This will ensure that the TV is not the issue.
  2. Next, press and hold the Return and Enter buttons on the remote for more than 10 seconds. This will reset the remote.
  3. After performing the reset, you’ll want to pair the remote to the TV again. To do this, point the remote at the TV and press and hold the Play/Pause button and the Return button simultaneously for 3 seconds. The LED on the remote will blink twice to indicate that the pairing has been successful.
  4. If the above steps do not work, try replacing the batteries in the remote. A weak battery can cause the remote to malfunction.

If the LED on your Samsung TV remote is blinking red, it is likely that the remote has become unpaired from the TV. By following the steps above, you can easily re-pair the remote to the TV. However, if this doesn’t work, we’re past the easy things you can try.

Oh, and if the remote doesn’t work but you need to get connected to WiFi, check out our related guide on that.

Contacting Samsung Support

If your remote still isn’t working, contact Samsung Customer Support. Provide your TV model number, a description of your problem, and any troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken. Check if your TV is still under warranty, as Samsung may be able to repair or replace your remote for free. Alternatively, you can start thinking about a replacement remote.

Using The Samsung SmartThings App Instead Of A Remote

If your Samsung TV remote has failed, you can still control your TV with the SmartThings app. This app allows you to discover, connect, view, and control your smart devices right from your TV’s screen.

To set up the SmartThings app on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Download the SmartThings app from the App Store on your phone (download the app for iOS or Android).
  2. Open the app and select “Add Device” from the main screen.
  3. Select “TV” from the list of devices and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your TV to the app.
  4. Once your TV is connected, you can use a SmartThings app to control your TV as if you were using the remote control.

Note that this connection is operating over WiFi, so, you don’t need to care about line-of-sight anymore if you’re using this option! Check out Samsung’s guide on this if you have more questions.

Replacing Your Remote? Consider a Universal Option

We recommend opting for a universal remote so that you can control not only your TV but also other devices (like soundbars, which we also have a guide on) with just one remote. One of the best options is the Phillips 6-device remote (on Amazon), which is affordable and easy to program.

This simply offers a better home theater experience. GE is another great option, and you can try the GE Backlit Universal Remote Control for Samsung (also on Amazon) for example, as well as check out our dedicated article on pairing GE universal remotes to Samsung TVs.

Of course, you can also simply purchase a replacement Samsung remote (also on Amazon) if you prefer. In the meantime, here’s how to connect your Samsung TV to WiFi without a remote.

Related Questions

Why Is My Samsung Remote Blinking Red When Charging?

If you have a Samsung remote blinking red light while charging, it typically indicates that the battery level is low or that there’s an issue with the charging process. Ensure the charging cable is properly connected, try a different power source, and let it charge for a few hours.

Why Is My Samsung Remote In Stand-By Mode, But Not Flashing Red?

If the red light on a Samsung remote is steady in standby mode, it indicates readiness for use. If the remote remains unresponsive, check battery orientation and contacts, and consider resetting it; if problems persist, contact Samsung support.