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Reprogramming Your Xfinity Remote: The Ultimate Tech Guide

Xfinity’s innovative remotes are an increasingly popular way that viewers are enhancing the TV-watching experience. The voice control feature enables users to search and navigate the TV without using buttons. However, from time to time, reprogramming the remote might be necessary to get the most from its functionalities. 

You can reprogram an Xfinity remote using the Xfinity My Account app on your smartphone, the remote itself, or the Xfinity website. To reprogram using the remote, simply hold the microphone button and say “Program remote.” Reprogramming can help solve app, device, and software issues. 

Let’s take a closer look at why the Xfinity remote sometimes needs reprogramming and how to perform the reprogramming to enjoy the best viewing experience. 

How to Navigate Your Xfinity Remote

Xfinity Remote on white background

The Xfinity remote offers various buttons that perform a wide range of functions. 

Here is a list of the buttons and which functions they offer the user:

  • Large directional arrow pad: This arrow pad allows you to go up, down left, and right through the on-screen guide. This arrow pad also contains the OK button, which allows you to select items on the screen.
  • Replay: You can replay a scene or show by pressing this button.
  • Search: You can easily search your TV and apps by pressing the search button.
  • Record: You can record your favorite shows by hitting the record button. This can continue to record an entire series if you wish to.
  • Xfinity button: The Xfinity button offers the voice control function so you can control and search your TV using your voice. 

Other buttons include the volume, channel, mute, power, and number buttons, which are commonly found on remotes and function exactly as you would expect them to.

Navigating the on-screen guide on your TV should be pretty easy now that you understand what each button can do. Once you press the buttons or use the voice control, you can navigate your TV seamlessly for a relaxed user experience. 

Why Reprogram Your Xfinity Remote?

Xfinity remotes, like the popular XR11 remote (on Amazon), is easy to reprogram if you need to fix any issues. 

The most common problems with the remote that requires you to reprogram include:

Poor-Quality or Dead Batteries

If you’re using poor-quality batteries or experience dead batteries, this might be the reason your Xfinity remote isn’t working the way you expect it to. Therefore, ensure to check the battery quality and health regularly.

Changing them might help you reprogram and regenerate your remote for a better experience. 

App or Device Problems

If the app or device is not syncing properly, you might not have a great user experience. Hence, it’s worthwhile reprogramming your Xfinity remote so they sync and work effortlessly again. 

Software Issues

If your software is out of date, it’s time to reprogram your remote. A new version of the Xfinity software will guarantee the best user experience and remote performance. 

It is also beneficial to reprogram your remote to:

  • Restore the remote to factory settings: If your remote is becoming faulty or difficult to use, reprogramming will help you restore it back to factory settings and enjoy using it the way you started to.
  • Improve performance: A reprogrammed Xfinity remote will have better performance and be easier to use.
  • More reliable: When your remote has been reprogrammed, it will be more reliable as all functions should work seamlessly. 

Before You Start Reprogramming

Before you begin to reprogram your remote, you need to prepare the necessary tools and materials to ensure a successful reset. 

If you wish to replace the batteries before reprogramming because they’re dead or the remote is too slow, perform this step first. 

After that, you should ensure to have your app and TV switched on and ready in case it’ll be needed as your reprogram the remote. For instance, if the issue is caused by the software, you can quickly update it using the TV and app.

How to Reprogram Your Xfinity Remote

Trio of Xfinity Remotes

Following these steps, you will easily be able to reprogram your Xfinity remote and fix its delay or software issues.

Option 1: Using the Xfinity My Account App

You can easily reprogram the remote control using the My Account app, which also allows you to adjust other remote settings. Simply:

  1. Switch on your Apple or Android smartphone and launch the Xfinity My Account app.
  2. Select your TV Box after tapping the TV icon, and then select Setup a remote.
  3. Tap to continue after swiping to locate the remote control model that needs programming.
  4. Choose TV or Audio/Other, then adhere to the programming guidelines.

Option 2: Using the Remote Control Itself

If you have a fairly modern Xfinity remote, you should be able to reprogram it through the remote control itself by:

  1. Pressing the microphone button on the remote while pointing it at your X1 TV Box or Flex streaming TV Box.
  2. Say, “Program remote.”
  3. Then, follow the directions displayed on the screen. You might see an image of your remote as you read the instructions.

Option 3: Using the Xfinity Website

Should you not be able to use the app or the remote control itself, you can reprogram the Xfinity remote using the official Xfinity website. 

Follow these steps to reprogram your Xfinity remote using the official website:

  1. Using the Remote Code Lookup tool, select your remote.
  2. To program your remote, adhere to the instructions in the tool. 

Check to see if your remote has a Setup button if you’re unable to locate the code using the lookup tool, then adhere to the directions below. If the Setup button on your remote is active: 

  1. Switch your TV on.
  2. Hold down the Setup button while waiting for the remote’s top light to become green.
  3. Enter 9-9-1. The green light should flash twice on the remote. The TV won’t turn off until you keep hitting CH.
  4. Press Setup to secure the code once the TV has turned off.
  5. On the remote, press the power button for the TV. You’re ready to go if the TV comes on.

If your remote does not feature the Setup button, follow these extra steps:

  1. When the light at the top turns green, press and hold the Xfinity and mute buttons simultaneously for five seconds.
  2. Enter the first five digits of the TV manufacturer’s code.
  • The code is accurate if the remote control’s green light blinks twice.
  • The code is incorrect if the remote control light blinks red and then green.

Troubleshooting Tips

There’s one common issue that might occur when reprogramming your Xfinity remote. If the setup button doesn’t work, you might be required to hold down the lettered buttons A and D, which will allow you to being reprogramming. The setup button is often located at the bottom of the remote.

And remember: this is a guide for reprogramming the remote. If your remote simply isn’t paired, be sure to check our complementary guide on Xfinity remote pairing here.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to reprogram your Xfinity remote if you’re no longer having the best user experience. A quick reprogramming will ensure the remote works efficiently and offers you the greatest user experience so you can easily search and navigate your TV using smart buttons and voice control. 

Reprogramming takes a matter of minutes, and you can easily do it yourself using this guide.