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Recommended Televisions

There is arguably nothing more important than your TV or screen when it comes to your home entertainment system. It is where all the attention goes, so it has to impress. It is likely the first thing you think of when starting to build your system, and these days, there are so many great options. Where should you even begin?

Here are our recommendations for some of the best TV devices out there.

Sony 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV A95K Series

A big ticket item that backs its pricetag with impressive features, one of which includes accurate image processing that best mimics human eyesight to reduce eye strain and improve immersion.

It also features an anti-reflective screen and it removes color bleed if viewed from the side.

Sony A80J

An excellent mid-to-high range option with stunning picture quality with vibrant colors and proper contrast.

It even connects to most modern tools like, Alexa and Apple Airplay to provide you with access to almost any streaming service you’re subbed to without prior setup.

Toshiba 43-inch Class C350 Series

Moving on to our budget pick this time around, but one that doesn’t skimp too much on quality for the sake of price.

While it does lack in size, only coming in at about 50 inches, the Fire TV is fully capable of syncing up with all your streaming services.

On top of that, you’re still going to get impressive 4k quality movies with in built Virtual post processing.

INSIGNIA 43-inch Class F30 Series

Another budget option that’s ideal for smaller homes.

The image quality comes in at 4k resolution with an impressive set of speakers which provide a more atmospheric, 3d sound to your viewing experience.