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2021 Prime Day Deals!

There are always a ton of great deals on Amazon Prime Day! From standard household items to different types of electronics. Here are some of the great Prime Day Deals that I think are completely worth it!

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Note: The prices in the tables are not correct. Once you have clicked through to Amazon, the discounted price will display.


Budget Soundbars

Not on Amazon

Klipsch Cinema 400 on Crutchfield
This is a fantastic soundbar for the price. Very good deal compared to the others that are available right now.

Harman Kardon Enchant 800 on Crutchfield

Mid-Tier Soundbars

High-End Soundbars

Samsung HW-Q950A

Samsung HW-Q950A in Living Room

Samsung HW-Q950A (on Best Buy)

So Best Buy has this at $1600 and you get a $300 Best Buy gift card with this purchase. Essentially giving you another $300 off. Get this now if you want it!

Samsung HW-Q800A

Samsung HW-Q800A Front

Samsung HW-Q800A (in the United States)

I recently did a review on the Samsung HW-Q950A (YouTube Video), and it was a very impressive system. The HW-Q800A is in the same family but a few steps down. Still a great system and at a really good discount right now!

Samsung HW-Q900T

Samsung HW-Q900T Front

Samsung HW-Q900T (in the United States)

I still have my Samsung HW-Q950T (which is the step up of this model with surround speakers). The most impressive thing about the Q900T is the soundbar itself! The soundbar alone is 7.0.2 channel and has a ridiculous number of speakers. Such a great system and at a great price too because is the 2020 model. Highly recommended.


Budget and Mid-Tier TVs

High-End TVs

Amazon Devices


Other Great Deals!