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How To Pair An Xfinity Remote With Your Soundbar

If you wish to enhance the audio experience while watching your favorite movies and TV shows, investing in a soundbar is a great idea. A soundbar delivers exceptional audio and takes the overall viewing experience to the next level. But if you’re using an Xfinity remote, how do you pair it with your soundbar?

To pair your Xfinity remote with your soundbar, make sure the soundbar is connected to your TV and turn the TV on. Then, press the ‘Touch’ or ‘System’ button on the remote. Next, hold down the ‘Voice’ button. Say ‘OK Xfinity remote,’ wait a moment, and push the star button.  

Let’s take a closer look at how and why you should pair your Xfinity remote to your soundbar to enhance your viewing experience. We’ll also look at some troubleshooting tips in case you get stuck along the way.

How to Pair Your Xfinity Remote With Your Soundbar

Xfinity Remote over entertainment center with sound bar

You can set up any Xfinity remote control to operate your soundbar or another audio/video receiver, and the process is similar to pairing your Xfinity remote to your TV. Make sure the receiver is set up as the preferred source — after you pair your Xfinity remote with your soundbar, it will only manage the selected speaker using the volume controls (and not the TV volume).

Pairing your Xfinity remote with your soundbar enables you to play, pause, and control other settings using the remote’s voice control feature. A successful pairing means you can have the best soundbar user experience. 

The latest Xfinity remotes, like the popular XR15 (on Amazon), can easily be paired with your soundbar using these steps: 

  1. Use an HDMI or optical cord to connect the soundbar to your television. Your TV will turn on and connect to the speaker, which will start the pairing process.
  2. To turn on the blue LED light, press the “Touch” or “System” button on the remote’s top. Next, hold down the “Voice” button. By turning on voice recognition, your soundbar will be able to communicate with your remote.
  3. After saying “OK Xfinity Remote” and waiting a moment, push the star button. By doing this, your speaker and remote will start to recognize one another, enabling you to pair them.

This will connect the TV and soundbar. Your soundbar has now been successfully converted to a universal remote control. You can now use your soundbar to operate your Xfinity TV or Xfinity box. 

Alternatively, you can utilize the Xfinity My Account app or our online Remote Code Lookup tool. And if you want more functionality here, have a look at our article on controlling a Samsung soundbars with your iPhone, which is pretty nifty if you happen to be using one!

Testing Your Xfinity Remote and Soundbar Connection

If you’d like to test your Xfinity remote and soundbar connection, wait for the LED light to turn green, and push and hold the setup button. After the LED light has flashed twice, enter the manufacturer’s code for the soundbar, which can be found at this link. Then, test the power and volume to make sure the connection is secure.

If the remote doesn’t show that it’s successfully connected, reset the remote and begin the pairing process again. 

How to Use Your Xfinity Remote With Your Soundbar

Using the Xfinity remote, you can successfully control all functions on your soundbar. 

You can perform every function from turning the volume up and down to switching between audio functions. 

If you wish to optimize the sound quality of your soundbar using the remote, find the audio preferences in your soundbar settings, which you can find using the remote’s voice control. From there, you can adjust the audio settings and enhance the sound quality to enjoy the best experience possible.

Getting the Most Out of Your Xfinity Remote and Soundbar

TV entertainment center with soundbar

To get the most out of your Xfinity remote and soundbar together, you must pair them. After that, ensure to use the voice control function as often as possible. This will allow you to control the device using the remote and have the most relaxing viewer experience. 

Ensure that the audio preferences are set to your liking. Some people prefer ‘stereo’ sounding TVs while others like to have theirs in ‘movie’ mode.

Select your audio preferences when setting up the soundbar and pairing it with your remote so that you can enjoy the shows and movies the way you wish to. 

Troubleshooting Common Issues

There are several sound issues you might experience when using your TV. If you experience a common issue, here are some useful troubleshooting tips.

Pressing the code 9-9-2 and holding the channel up button for up to three minutes until the soundbar goes on is one of the first things to try if your Xfinity remote cannot be programmed to your soundbar. Then, restart the programming procedures. 

This process may seem to take an eternity as the remote resets in order to identify your soundbar. If, after entering the code and holding the channel up button for at least three uninterrupted minutes, your soundbar has not switched on, you should try another approach.

If you experience no sound on some channels, the audio not matching the picture, or no sound on all channels, the first thing you need to do is disable the soundbar. 

Then, use the Xfinity remote to navigate the audio preferences on the TV. Ensure all looks fine before reconnecting the soundbar to see if the problem resolves. 

If the issue is unresolved, try resetting the soundbar and remote using their individual resetting steps. 

If the audio doesn’t match the picture, it will help to locate the audio setup settings and ensure the setting is switched to the default language as this could be the issue. If the device’s default language is changed, it might cause the picture and audio to disconnect. 

If these steps don’t solve your issue, understand that the issue might be brought on by an outage, whether it affects all channels or simply one. Contact the Xfinity support team so that you can attain professional advice. 

Using the Remote and Soundbar Together

It’s a great idea to pair your Xfinity remote with your soundbar so that you can have the best TV- and movie-viewing experience. Not only does a soundbar enhance your audio, but a successful pairing with the Xfinity remote will also make your experience much easier. You will no longer be required to use physical buttons to control the volume and audio settings. 

It takes a matter of minutes to pair your remote to your soundbar, and if you experience any issues, ensure to use the above troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. 

Ideally, you won’t encounter any problems at all. However, if you do and you need to try out several options, don’t worry — this one day of difficulty setting up your Xfinity remote to work with your soundbar will result in less difficulty on a daily basis moving forward.

If you have any further issues or need technical support, don’t hesitate to contact Xfinity tech support for additional help.