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August 14, 2018
Home Theater Room Dimensions - How Much Room is Needed?

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all for a Home Theater Room. The biggest suggestion is to avoid cube-shaped rooms where the height, width, and depth of the room are equal or very similar. Instead, use a generally accepted ratio of H (Height) x 1.28H (Width) x 1.54H (Length/Depth). Ideally, the room should also be […]

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August 10, 2018
What Wattage Soundbar do I Need? - Soundbar Specs Explained!

Wattage or Watts for soundbars or speakers is another marketing ploy by manufacturers to show that their product is louder and better than other products out there. The number of watts for speakers is usually irrelevant, you actually want to look at the sensitivity of the speakers. Unfortunately, the many "specs" indicated on soundbars are […]

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August 8, 2018
What is a Short Throw Projector? Throw Ratio Explained!

A short throw projector is a usually set or mounted very close to the screen (generally between 3 and 8 feet). A short throw projector has a throw ratio between 0.4 and 1. The throw ratio is calculated using the distance from the projector to screen divided by the maximum projected width of the image. They used to […]

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August 5, 2018
Can a Projector be used in a Living Room?

A common misconception is that you cannot have a projector in a living room, but times have changed and it is perfectly acceptable now! There are small form factor projectors that can provide plenty of light for an open style living room. In this article, we will go over a few reasons why it is totally awesome to use a projector […]

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July 31, 2018
9 Basic Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Home Theater Speaker Issues!

Are your speakers not working, have a slight buzzing to them, or sound completely off? This article will cover 9 different troubleshooting tips and things to try that could possibly fix home theater speaker issues. These issues can be caused by a system that is incorrectly setup or configured. I hope that one of these […]

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