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Onn Universal Remote Codes + Quick Pairing & Setup Instructions

As entertainment technology continues to evolve, it’s important to have a single remote that can manage all your devices to minimize clutter and simplify your home theater experience. Onn Universal Remotes fit that bill, but first, you have to get through setting them up.

To pair your ONN Universal Remote, first try the auto-code search feature called SimpleSet to bypass the need for a code. Manual code entry is pretty easy, but the Onn Universal Remote also has a learning feature built in to help map custom keys from an existing remote.

Whether you have a Vizio TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, or even an Onn Roku TV, there is a specific set of universal remote codes you can use to program your remote. By entering the correct code for the device you wish to control, you can easily set up your Onn remote to work seamlessly with your equipment. We’ll start by covering auto-code search in more detail before presenting the codes you probably need.

How to Program Onn Universal Remote Without The Code

Onn Universal Remote Pairing Options

To program your Onn universal remote (on Walmart) without having the specific code at hand, follow these simple steps. This method involves the remote automatically searching for the correct code compatible with your device, through a process Onn called SimpleSet. We’ll also discuss a “learning feature” the Onn remote has toward the end of the article, which also sidesteps the need for codes. Here’s how to execute this:

  1. Turn on your smart TV.

  2. Make sure your Onn universal remote is powered on and has working batteries.

  3. Press the button for the type of device you want to program (in this case, the ‘TV‘ button).

  4. Press and hold the “Setup” button on your Onn remote, and hold it down, while also pressing and holding the current brand digit (see below).

  5. Wait for the TV to turn off (The remote is sending a power signal at a new code every 3 seconds, so, it will turn off automatically when the correct code is used)

  6. Once the TV turns off, the LED on the remote should blink twice, indicating it’s ready to use!

This is a little different than the typical auto-code search because in step 4 you need to use a numbered digit from this table:

Onn Simple Set Digits

If the first code doesn’t fully operate your device, or you experience limited functionality, you might need to try another code until you find the optimal one. That said, this error doesn’t happen very often, and it’s worth trying the auto search first to sidestep this whole code entry issue.

If the auto code search doesn’t work, head on down to the manual instructions.

How To Use Onn’s SimpleSet

Onn Universal Remote Codes by Brand

Onn Universal Remote can be used with a variety of popular television brands and can be easily programmed by entering the appropriate codes. The following table provides a list of codes for the most common brands, but if you don’t see yours listed you can look it up on Onn’s site here.

BrandOnn Universal Remote Codes
Hisense TV3537, 1173, 0182, 2463, 2060, 0077, 2464, 0004, 0216, 0073, 1016, 2503, 4145, 4127
LG TV3534, 0004, 2098, 0155, 2254, 0338, 0009, 0012, 0057, 0134, 0156, 1957, 2492, 4080, 4127, 4079
Onn TV3552, 3544, 3545, 3543, 2357, 0102, 2493, 2479, 3004, 2490, 3560, 3561, 3568, 3569, 3571, 3574, 3575
Panasonic3005, 2484, 0381, 2470, 3024, 2472, 0003, 0054, 0062, 0171, 1182, 1989, 4055, 4033, 4014
Philips3535, 1154, 2477, 2495, 1141, 1772, 0205, 2091, 0003, 0062, 0081, 0086, 0154, 0208, 1776, 0199, 0200, 0206, 0207, 1149, 0183, 2427, 2439, 2120, 0204, 4014, 4077, 4039, 4127
Roku TV2491, 3531, 3532, 2493, 2479, 3004, 2490, 2057
Samsung TV3528, 2481, 2482, 2355, 0007, 0012, 0104, 0106, 0172, 1773, 1957, 4108, 4111
Sharp TV2464, 2491, 0223, 2352, 2489, 0004, 0006, 0020, 0122, 0123, 4147, 4116, 4127, 4145
Sony3536, 2483, 2462, 2438, 0002, 2323, 0071, 0033, 0152, 4019, 4007, 4036
TCL Roku TV2169, 2274, 0205, 1654, 1853, 1781, 0706, 2361
Toshiba5104, 0514, 5028, 5018, 5075
Vizio TV3533, 2472, 2045, 2501, 2473, 0143, 2476, 2474, 0081, 1168, 1169, 0033, 2475, 4039, 4144, 4071
Common Onn Universal Remote Codes by Brand

Step-by-Step Onn Universal Remote Programming Guide

So, if the auto-code search didn’t work, you’ll have to do it manually. Before programming your ONN universal remote, you must find the appropriate code for your specific device, maybe from the table above. Once you have your code ready to try, then you can start working through this list.

Direct Code Entry

Once you have located the correct code for your device, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your device (TV, DVD, etc.).

  2. Point the ONN remote at the device.

  3. Press the corresponding device button on the remote (e.g., ‘TV‘ for a television).

  4. Press the “Setup” button on your Onn universal remote

  5. Enter the 4-digit code you found earlier using the number pad on the remote.

  6. Press the ‘Power‘ button to see if the device turns off. If it does, the remote is ready to use!

The LED light will blink indicating that the code has been saved successfully, and your ONN universal remote should now control the device.

Programming Your Remote Using the Learning Feature

Onn Remote Learning

There’s one other tactic you should know about, which is programming the universal remote without a code OR the auto code search. Instead, the device can “learn” from an existing remote. Here’s how to use the learning feature on an Onn universal remote:

  1. Turn on the device you want to program (e.g. TV, DVD player, streaming device).

  2. Make sure the Onn universal remote is powered on and has working batteries.

  3. Point the old remote at the Onn Universal remote.

  4. Press the button for the type of device you want to program (e.g. ‘TV‘). Then hold the “Setup” key until the LED blinks twice.

  5. Press “975” on the ONN remote to put it into learning mode.

  6. Press the power button on the Onn remote, then press the power button on the training remote.

  7. The LED will blink twice to indicate it’s been learned correctly. If there’s a long blink, the key wasn’t learned and stored.

  8. Repeat these steps to map other keys, then press and hold “Setup” again to complete.

As you can see, this is pretty complicated. Or it will be time-consuming to map all the keys. But this is really how you do it if some of the keys aren’t working, or if you need to map things directly without a code handy.

Other Universal Remote Options

We think Onn Universal Remotes are just fine. Like any universal remotes, they can control tons of devices like Rokus, TVs, or even sound systems. But if you have a different universal remote lying around, be sure to see our guides on GE, Phillips, and Vizio universal remote codes as well, and head to a TV-specific guide if you’re working with a Sharp, HIsense, Toshiba, Insignia, or TCL TV.