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How to Easily Program a Magnavox Universal Remote

Learning how to program your Magnavox Universal Remote is a breeze with this in-depth guide, which presents two different methods.

To program a Magnavox Universal Remote, hold the Code Search button, select the device type, and press the CH+ and CH- buttons to initiate the auto code search. Finally, press the Enter button. You can also use the Direct Code Entry method by pressing and holding the device button for 3 seconds.

Furthermore, you will uncover the useful additional features of your Magnavox universal remote. If you encounter any problems, we will provide guidance on troubleshooting common issues with this remote.

Magnavox Universal Remote Programming Instructions

Magnavox Universal Remote Programming using Code Search

Code Search Method

The first method is quite simple and will require only a few minutes to complete. All you need to do is initiate the automatic code search, and your device will handle the rest. To program your Magnavox universal remote using the Code Search method, take these steps:

  1. Turn on your device (TV, DVD player, etc.) that you want to pair with the remote.
  2. Press and hold the Code Search button until the indicator light flashes.
  3. Select the device type (TV, DVD, CBL) by pressing its corresponding button.
  4. Point the remote towards your device and press the CH+ and CH- buttons to initiate the auto code search. The remote will cycle through the available 4-digit codes.
  5. Press the Enter button once the device responds. Your device turning off or changing channels indicates the found code is saved.

Direct Code Entry

Another option for programming your Magnavox universal remote is to use the Direct Code Entry method. It involves manually entering a 4-digit code for the desired device. To find the code, you can refer to the user manual that comes with the remote. Follow this guide:

  1. Find the 4-digit code for your specific device.
  2. Turn on your device that you want to control with the remote.
  3. Press and hold the device button (TV, DVD, CBL) for 3 seconds, until the LED light starts flashing.
  4. Enter the 4-digit code using the numeric keypad on the remote. The LED light will turn off after the correct code is entered.
  5. Test the remote by pressing functions like volume or power. If it is not working, repeat the process with another available code.

Multimedia Devices Compatible With Magnavox Universal Remotes

Programming your Magnavox Universal Remote is much easier once you have a clear understanding of its compatibility with different devices. Take a look at the table below, which provides a list of different uses of the Magnavox Universal remote with compatible devices.

DVD PlayersControl popular DVD and Blu-ray players with Magnavox remotes.
Streaming PlayersDevices like Apple TV and other streaming players can be controlled using your Magnavox remote.
SoundbarsAdjust the volume and settings of your soundbar using the remote.
Cable BoxesControl your cable box with the Magnavox universal remote.
Gaming DevicesSome gaming devices may also be compatible with remote control.
Multimedia Devices compatible with Magnavox Universal Remote

No matter if it’s DVD and streaming players, soundbars, gaming devices, or anything else, your Magnavox Universal remote is here to help. If you’re interested, we have a variety of articles on our favorite soundbars for small spaces, large spaces, with subwoofers, or without subwoofers.

Magnavox Universal Remote Not Working?

In case you encounter any problem during the programming of your Magnavox Universal remote, in this section we will cover some of the most common troubleshooting steps.

Re-program the remote

The first thing you should try is reprogramming the remote one more time by following the programming steps listed above. If you are using the direct code entry method, make sure you are entering the right code for your specific device.

Check the batteries

If you are still experiencing issues with your Magnavox Universal remote, move on to checking the remote’s batteries by making sure they are properly inserted. Additionally, you can try replacing them with fresh ones.

Check the LED light

Finally, check the LED light located at the top of your Magnavox Universal remote. Make sure there are no obstacles between your remote and the device you are trying the control. When pressing buttons on the remote, the LED light should blink, signaling it’s working. If the LED light is not blinking, it may indicate a potential issue with the remote.

If you have found that your remote is the cause of potential issues, the next step could be to buy a new one. Replacement remotes are very cheap(on Amazon).

Don’t Give Up

We trust that these features will prove useful and elevate your home entertainment experience. Nevertheless, if your frustration persists and you are considering giving up, we present this as a final recourse.
In case you have another Universal Remote, you can check out our other articles on how to program a universal remote for TCL, Insignia, Toshiba, Hisense, or Sharp TV.
Another option is reaching out to Magnavox Support for further guidance and assistance. You will need to prepare a model/product number located on the label or packaging of your Magnavox Universal remote.