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How to Group Sonos Speakers Together: A Simple Guide

Sonos speakers are fantastic wireless speakers. They provide high-fidelity sound, which is enjoyed by music enthusiasts, gamers, and cinephiles alike. Some Sonos speakers are not restricted by an electrical plug and can be placed anywhere in the room or even outdoors for the best sound experience. If you want to experience a more encapsulating audio adventure, you might be wondering how to group multiple Sonos speakers. 

To group Sonos speakers together, all you have to do is power on all of your Sonos speakers you wish to group together, create a group, and select all of your speakers. Once you’re done, you can play music, podcasts, and more all through your group of Sonos speakers! 

Sonos speakers like the Sonos One (on Amazon), for example, are a great way to listen to music and other media with a “surround sound” experience or in multiple rooms. If you’re doing chores around the house and have multiple Sonos speakers, you can go back and forth between rooms without missing a beat (pun intended). If you want to know the steps to group Sonos speakers together in detail, read this entire article to learn more!

The Fast and Easy Way to Group Sonos Speakers

To start, you need at least two Sonos speakers. You can’t have a group without having more than one, although having just one will work fine for many people as we’ve explained before. You’ll also need to download the latest version of the Sonos Controller app onto your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Once you have this essential foundation prepared, you are ready to start grouping your Sonos devices together. Here’s how:

Sonos One SL Surround Speakers Grouping 4 Together
  1. Launch the Sonos Controller app on your Android or iOS device. 
  1. Plugin or turn on your Sonos speakers.
  1. Connect your smart device to the same WiFi network your Sonos speakers are connected to. 
  1. On the top middle of the Sonos app, select the currently active speaker’s name by touching it. This will bring up a list of all of the Sonos speakers connected to your network. 
  1. To create a group, select “Group” on the right of the screen next to one of the speakers you want to put into a group. Once you hit the group, you will see a list of all the Sonos speakers that can be added to this new group. 
  1. On the list of Sonos speakers, you will see an empty circle to the left of each speaker’s name. If you want the speaker in the group, touch the circle to change it to a checkmark and add it to the group. 
  1. Once you have all the speakers, you want in your group checked, select “Done” at the screen’s top right.  
  1. Test out your new group by playing some music! Once you start playing some tunes, your speakers in your group should all start thumping. 

Adding and Removing Sonos Speakers from a Group 

If you decide later on you want to remove a speaker from your group, it is effortless to do! Also, if you choose to upgrade and buy additional Sonos speakers, you can add more of them to your group at any time. From the list we’ve presented below, you can see that removing and adding new speakers is fairly easy. So, here is how to add or remove Sonos speakers from an existing group: 

  1. Open the Sonos Controller App on your smart device.
  1. Make sure you’re connected to the same WiFi network as the Sonos speaker group.
  1. Tap the speaker or group name at the top middle of the mobile app on your smart device.
  1. Check or uncheck Sonos speakers you wish to add or remove from the group.

How to Change the Volume of Individual Speakers in a Group

When you have many speakers grouped together, you might want to vary the volume of them individually. Thankfully, Sonos had the foresight to include this feature right in the Sonos controller mobile app.

It’s worth mentioning that you can change the whole group’s volume with the main volume slider or with the physical volume buttons on your phone, however, Here’s how to change the volume of each Sonos speaker in the group independently:

  1. While you are playing music in the Sonos app, tap the volume slider once, this should pop up an expanded view with each speaker’s name in the group and their volume. 
  2. You can then use the volume sliders under each speaker name to independently adjust each device’s volume. 

Create a Sonos Stereo Speaker Pair

If you would like to create a wide stereo experience in a room of your house, you can do that with two Sonos speakers of the same model with stereo pairing capabilities (more on Sonos speakers in our guide)

Before creating a stereo pair, each speaker must be added to your Sonos profile as a separate room. To start, power up your speakers and open the Sonos Controller on your mobile device. Here’s how:

  1. Go to settings and select “System”
  2. Find “Products” and select the first speaker you want to create into a stereo pair
  3. Select “set up stereo pair” and follow the steps the app will walk you through, like selecting the next speaker

Not all Sonos speakers support the stereo pairing. For the most up-to-date list of models, check the Sonos website; here’s the current list and also where to find them on Amazon.