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How to Control a FireTV Stick with ANY Smartphone

The Fire TV media players are truly great pieces of equipment. While they’ve become gradually more and more popular over the years, some people are still unaware of Fire TV’s best benefits. These features can really help add an extra layer of convenience to your TV setup. One great thing that often gets mentioned is the mobile device controller function. But, how does this work?

You can connect your smartphone to a FireTV Stick by simply downloading the FireTV app and connecting your phone following the instructions. The app is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Both versions are compatible with any FireTV and offer similar functionality.

Amazon has jam-packed some awesome points into the FireTV package. The ability to connect it to any smartphone is just one of many. But if you want to learn how to do this specifically, we’ve got all the information you need; just read on!

Amazon has become a fairly standard name in the streaming game. Not only do they have their Prime video service, but the FireTV Stick (on Amazon) is now one of the most popular streaming devices on the market.

But when it comes to compatibility with competing products, sometimes the FireTV can be picky. But, is this also the case concerning smartphone control?

You can control your FireTV stick using your smartphone. This applies to both Android and iOS devices (you can also mirror content from iOS devices to the Fire TV) In most cases, an app is simply downloaded onto the phone, and minimal setup is required to get things moving.

Using the app, you can perform many of the same functions you would with the remote control. The notable differences between them are minimal. Overall, though, you can expect a very similar level of control and convenience.

Is the Firestick Remote App Free?

Here’s the thing, whenever you see any kind of additional function with a device, the first thing that often comes to mind is price. With Amazon products, there always seems to be some kind of hidden price tag on extra features. So, when you hear about an app, the first thing that jumps to mind is if it’s free or not.

In the case of the FireTV remote app, the software is free. It’s available on both the Apple Store and the Android Play Store. Downloading the app may require a wireless connection, but this will depend on the type of smartphone you’re using.

Are the FireStick and FireTV the Same?

While you may have heard these two terms being thrown around, there is a slight difference between them. First of all, one is a physical object and one is just a service. Here’s some clarification on the matter.

A FireStick is a physical device you can plug into your TV. It’s a little rectangle, for most models, that you push into a free HDMI slot on your TV. So FireTV is the software that it runs on this device. This is where you’ll find all your favorite streaming apps.

How-To Set Up Your Smartphone as a FireTV Controller

If you’re looking to use your phone to operate your FireTV, you’ll need to do a little setup first. Below you’ll find the instructions you need to get connected to FireTV, using Amazon’s FireTV app.

Steps to using your mobile device as your FireTV remote:

  1. First, make sure to connect your smartphone to the same network your FireTV is connected to.
  2. Once the app is finished downloading, open the software.
  3. You’ll need to sign in using the same account as the FireTV you use. Make sure your TV is turned on. You should see a confirmation request code that you’ll need to enter the app.
  4. Now you should be connected to the app.
  5. You should now have access to a virtual remote control that looks quite similar to a regular FireTV remote.

What To Do If You Lose Your Firestick Remote?

We’ve all been there. You lose your remote and are stuck staring at a blank screen. With the FireTV remote, it’s even more likely as the remote is so small. So what should you do if you can’t find your physical remote and want to watch some of your favorite TV shows?

Well, the first thing you can do is use your smartphone. As we’ve discussed, you can easily connect your mobile device to FireTV with just a few short steps using the app. Not only is this really convenient, but you’ll get exactly the same functions you’d expect from your regular remote control.

But what if you just can’t get that to work for you? Also, while smartphones are immensely popular, that of course doesn’t mean that everyone has one. Additionally, you may not have access to the credentials to access the application. So in this situation, are you just out of luck?

Well, in short, no. You can always buy a replacement remote (on Amazon), or use a universal one. But it is worth noting that the remote is the most expensive part of the package, so you may be better off just buying the entire FireTV setup again.