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How to Connect a Google Home Mini to a Soundbar

We’ve written on the blog before about how you can use your Google Home Max as a full-on soundbar, but you can actually get a lot of that functionality from just a Google Home Mini. Even though Google Home Minis don’t have any inputs, you can connect your Google Home Mini to your soundbar via Bluetooth by following these instructions:

  1. Set up and power on your Google Home Mini and soundbar
  2. Put your soundbar in Bluetooth pairing mode
  3. Go to Settings in the Google Home app
  4. Choose Rooms & Devices > Local Devices > Your Google Home Mini
  5. Go to Device Settings > Default Speaker
  6. Choose to Pair Bluetooth Speaker
  7. Select your soundbar

Google Home Minis are great smart home devices. However, a soundbar can really take the sound quality up a notch by playing your music and audio on higher-quality speakers.

With a simple Bluetooth connection and an adjustment to your settings, you can start listening to your Google Home Mini through your soundbar for a better home entertainment experience.

Steps for Connecting a Google Home Mini to a Soundbar

Even if you only have a moderately prices soundbar like the Samsung HW-R450 (on Amazon) or the Bose Solo 5 (on Amazon), as long as your soundbar has Bluetooth you’ll be able to connect it to your Google Home Mini.

And if your soundbar doesn’t have Bluetooth, be sure to check out our article on how you can make any speaker a Bluetooth speaker.

In the same way that you change your TV’s default speaker to your soundbar through its speaker settings, you’ll also do so for your Google Home Mini. When changing a device’s default speakers, the process is always done either through a wired connection or a Bluetooth connection.

In this case, you don’t have the option of using a wired connection, such as through an aux cable, like some smart home devices are equipped with. You’ll simply pair your soundbar and your Google Home Mini with a wireless Bluetooth connection.

You’ll access your Home Mini’s settings through your Google Home app. You’ll then be able to make the Bluetooth connection and change the default speaker.

1. Set Up and Power On your Google Home Mini and Soundbar

To get started pairing your soundbar and your Google Home Mini, it’s important that both of these devices are fully set up.

You will need to access your Google Home Mini device through your Google Home app, and you will need to know how to get your soundbar in Bluetooth pairing mode.

In addition, both your Google Home Mini and your soundbar need to be powered on to connect. Once you have both devices set up and powered on, you’re ready to connect them.

2. Put your Soundbar in Bluetooth Pairing Mode

To get your soundbar ready to become your Google Home Mini’s speaker through a wireless Bluetooth connection, you’ll first need to put your soundbar in Bluetooth pairing mode. The exact process for this varies.

For some soundbars, it’s as simple as pressing a button on the soundbar itself. For others, you’ll need to access it through your soundbar’s app or you may need to press a button or a series of buttons on your soundbar’s remote control.

If you aren’t sure of exactly how to put your soundbar in pairing mode, check out your manufacturer’s instructions or make a quick online search to figure out how.

3. Go to Settings in the Google Home App

To get to your Google Home Mini’s Bluetooth and speaker settings, grab your smartphone and open up your Google Home app. From the Google Home app’s home screen, go to Settings.

If you don’t already have this app, then you’ll need to complete that setup step first, so that you have a way to interact with your Google Home Mini

4. Choose: Rooms & Devices > Local Devices > Your Google Home Mini

Under Settings, navigate to Rooms & Devices. Then select Local Devices. You’ll see a list of connected devices in your home, then find your Google Home Mini by its name.

This should be pretty straightforward, but if you don’t see settings that match, do a quick google search: there’s a chance that future app updates may change some of the terminologies.

5. Go to Device Settings > Default Speaker

Under your Google Home Mini, you will see General Settings, Sound Settings, and Device Settings. Below Device Settings, you’ll see an option for Default Speaker.

Click on this to change your Google Home Mini’s default speaker from its internal speaker to the Bluetooth speaker, your soundbar.

This will make the Google Home Mini know to use the soundbar speaker first when available. If the soundbar is powered off, then it will use its own speakers.

6. Choose to Pair Bluetooth Speaker

Select Pair Bluetooth speaker to get started pairing your soundbar. The app will then scan for any Bluetooth connections that can be made. You should see your soundbar pop up within a few seconds.

If you don’t see your soundbar show up, try turning both devices off and on again. And double-check that your soundbar is in pairing mode.

A quick way to test this is to go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu and see if the scan there is picking it up.

7. Select Your Soundbar

After the app has found all the Bluetooth connection possibilities, select your soundbar from the list that appears. Once the connection has been made, simply click Done.

Now, your soundbar will now be your Google Home Mini’s default speaker, until you decide to break the connection. You’ll be ready to use your Google Home Mini just like you always have, but with higher quality sound.

Important Notes

Remember, you can only pair one speaker at a time with your Google Home Mini through Bluetooth.

So if you want to change the default speaker, you will need to break the connection between it and your soundbar (then set it up again if you want to use it again).

If your soundbar isn’t equipped with Bluetooth, you’ll have to use another speaker to upgrade your Google Home Mini’s sound.


This setup should be a quick and simple process that will take your entertainment center to the next level. If you have any questions, leave them below.

Hopefully, this helps you get your Google Home Mini and soundbar properly connected for a better listening experience. On a related subject, take a look at our article on the best soundbars with Google Assistant.