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How to Clear Roku Cache (4 Easy Ways)

Clearing your Roku’s cache can address issues like slow loading times and reduced video quality.

There are several ways you can clear the cache on a Roku device. Start by navigating through Roku Settings to perform a System Restart. You can also restart your device using Roku Remote Shortcuts. If everything else fails, consider a Factory Reset to take your device to its original settings.

This article explains the importance of clearing the cache on your Roku device and provides step-by-step instructions to do so.

How to Clear Roku Cache

Clearing the cache can resolve issues with streaming, apps, constant Roku restarting, and overall device performance. This section provides instructions on 4 different methods you can use to clear your Roku device’s cache.

Tips on how to clear Roku cache

Restarting the Roku Device

Sometimes, a simple restart can refresh the cache on your Roku device without erasing any data or preferences. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote to access the home screen.
  2. Navigate to Settings and select System.
  3. In the System menu, select System Restart. If you don’t see that, hit Power first, then System Restart.
  4. Confirm your selection and your Roku device will restart. The cache will be refreshed without losing any data. (Source)

Using Roku Remote Shortcuts to Clear the Cache

An easy way to clear the cache on your Roku device is by using a Roku remote shortcut. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote to access the home screen.
  2. Use your remote to input this sequence: Home button 5 times, Up button once, Rewind button 2 times, and Fast Forward button 2 times.
  3. Wait for 15-30 seconds, and your Roku device will restart, clearing the cache in the process.

Factory Reset Option

A factory reset can provide a clean slate by clearing the cache and resetting your Roku device to its original settings. Keep in mind that this method will erase all of your data and preferences. Here’s how to perform a factory reset:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote to access the home screen.
  2. Navigate to Settings and select System.
  3. In the System menu, select Advanced System Settings.
  4. Choose the Factory Reset option and follow the prompts to confirm your selection. (Source)

    Note: It’s important to understand that this method will erase all of your saved settings and preferences.

When Do You Need To Clear The Cache On Your Roku Devices?

There are a number of problems that can occur due to a full or outdated cache on your Roku. Here is presented a table with potential issues and answers as to how can clearing the Roku cache help, so you have a better understanding of the impact of Cache on Roku Performance.

Potential ProblemsHow Cache Clearing Helps
Slow performanceClearing the cache can speed up streaming and reduce freezing and lagging issues.
Buffering issuesRegular cache clearing can help prevent interruptions during streaming by reducing excessive cache data.
Limited storage space for appsClearing the cache frees up storage space, making it easier to load new apps and update existing ones.
Lower streaming quality or interruptionsBy freeing up storage space, cache clearing can improve streaming quality and prevent interruptions.
App crashing or malfunctioningClearing specific app caches can resolve issues caused by corrupt or outdated cached data, leading to enhanced app functionality.
Slow app loading timesClearing excessive cache files can speed up app loading times and improve overall app performance.
Impact of Cache on Roku Performance

Dealing with Persistent Issues

If the simple steps higher up didn’t help you out, then you’re dealing with a more persistent issue. Here are some other things that can clear this error.

Removing and Reinstalling Channels

If you’re experiencing persistent issues with your Roku devices, such as freezing, slow performance, app crashes, and other technical glitches. one viable solution is to remove and reinstall problematic channels.

  1. Go to the Roku home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote.
  2. Find the problematic channel you want to remove.
  3. Highlight the channel using the arrow buttons on your remote, but do not select it.
  4. Press the Star (*) button on your remote to open the Options menu.
  5. Choose the Remove channel option and confirm the action.

Once you’ve successfully removed the channel, reinstall it by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Roku Channel Store from the home screen.
  2. Search for the channel you want to reinstall using the search function.
  3. Select the channel and choose the Add Channel button.
  4. Wait for the installation process to complete.

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Contacting Roku Support

If you continue to experience issues after trying the above solution, consider reaching out to Roku Support for further assistance. Their technical support team can help diagnose and resolve potential problems with your Roku device.

Clear the cache – keep your device fresh

It’s important to note that Roku devices have limited cache storage, and each app has its own cache. To maintain the efficiency of your Roku device, remember to:

  • Regularly clear the cache to keep the device running smoothly
  • Review your system settings to disable unnecessary features that may slow down performance.

While there’s no official way to clear the cache provided by Roku, a series of button presses can help achieve this. By understanding and managing the Roku cache system, you can ensure a faster and more efficient streaming experience.