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Element TV Remote Codes + Simple Programming Steps [2023]

Element TV remote codes are simple to use and easy to find. If you have a universal remote, it doesn’t matter if it’s RCA, GE, DirecTV, or another model–it will work with any Element TV if you have the right code for the remote. Start by familiarizing yourself with the programming steps below before pulling your code from the list and attempting to pair your remote. Stick around for a note on auto-code-search and how it can make things easier by removing the need for a code.

Programming: How It Works & What To Expect

Element TV remote codes vary by universal remote manufacturer. But the pairing steps may also vary slightly from brand-to-brand. So, note that these are general programming instructions, and you should look up the pairing steps for your unique universal remote (online or in the manual) if these don’t work:

  1. Turn on your Element TV and check if your remote has working batteries to execute the whole process seamlessly.

  2. Enter the SETUP mode by pressing and holding the SETUP button until a red light, flashing red light, or flashing white light appears at the top of your remote. Release the SETUP button, ensuring the red light remains on. This indicates that your remote is now ready for programming (where is the setup button).

  3. Press and release the device button on your remote control. The red (or white) light should blink once and remain on after that. In this case, you should press “TV” because that’s what you want to control. You can also map the universal remote to a DVD player, or a streaming device like the FireStick or Roku. You’ll see options like VCR, DVD, and CBL/SAT, or even DVR here.

  4. Enter the code using the numeric keypad of your remote control.

  5. Test the remote by aiming it towards your television and pressing the power button. If the TV turns off, then hit SETUP again to finish programming. If it doesn’t work, try another code in the same way until it does.

Remember, the programming process might require multiple attempts, so allocate some time for this task. Once you’ve successfully programmed your remote for your Element TV, apply the same steps for other devices if needed. Be sure to skim the auto-code-search option at the end of the article too!

For detailed code lists and programming instructions by universal remote brand, see our related posts:

Last tip: point your remote at the TV! It’s trying to communicate with line of sight IR sensors, not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so it needs to be pointed at the TV.

Element TV Remote Codes By TV Brand

Element TV universal remote codes are essential for controlling your TV, and each brand has specific codes compatible with their televisions. The following table provides some of the most popular TV brands and their corresponding remote codes. These codes will help you easily connect and control various TV brands with your universal remote.

Note that your remote may require a 3, 4, or 5-digit code. Most modern universal remotes use 4-digit codes, so start there. If your universal remote’s manual calls for a 3 or 5-digit code, those are below too!

TV Brand3 Digit Codes4 Digit Codes5 Digit Codes
ComcastN/A175611756 12434 11687 13559 10885 10706 12260 14398 12049 12183 12964 13907 11886 10178 11864 10156
Spectrum459 5871687 1756 2434 3559 0885 2049 0706 2183 2964 2256 1524 1864 2746 236011886 11756 13559 14398 12434 11687 10885 12049 12183 12964 13907 12256 11524 11864 14660 12746 12360
COX CommunicationsN/A (178 may work)1326, 146310178, 13559, 11687, 12183, 12964, 13907, 11886
Direct TVN/AN/A11886 11756 12434 10885 12049 12183 10706 12360 11687 12964 13559 11886 12434 10885 10818 10178 12049
Dish Network773 535 567 627 645 568 505 591 575 669 651 914 999 723 571 506 724 659 516 902 772 556 922 672 500 111 328 908 666 828 730 143 156 764 554 123 852 685 565 524 952 701 630 617 7754635 1756 0178 3183 1687 0885 2434 4910 0706 2049 1886 2964 2183N/A
XfinityN/AN/A13559, 11687, 12183, 10178, 12964, 12260, 13907, 11886, 11864
Time Warner368, 400, 450, 4610178, 0463, 0748, 146311886, 11687, 12183, 12964, 13559, 13907
U-VerseN/A1398 1422 1346 1343 1437 1444 1581 1597 159813559 11756 10885 11687 12434 12049 12183 13183 10706 12964 11886 12256
Element TV Universal Remote Codes By Universal Remote Brand

Bonus: How To Use Auto-Code-Search

To program your universal remote automatically, many remotes include an Auto-Code-Search method. Your unique universal remote’s manual will explain how to do this, but the general steps for it are below. You can use this to move forward without a code!

  1. Turn on your TV: Ensure your Toshiba TV is plugged in and turned on.

  2. Press and hold the setup button: On your universal remote, press and hold the setup button until the indicator light turns on.

  3. Select Device: Press and release the desired device mode button (e.g., TV) on your universal remote. The indicator light should blink and stay illuminated.

  4. Press and release the power button: Aim the remote control at your Toshiba TV and press the power button on the remote. If nothing happens, use the channel-change options to step through codes, trying the power button at each step to find the right one.

  5. Find the correct code: Once your TV turns off, that means the remote has found the correct code.

  6. Save the code: Immediately press the setup button when the TV turns off to lock the code in place. The indicator light should turn off.