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Can You Get Dolby Atmos Music Through Bluetooth?

Dolby Atmos technology is getting more robust and more powerful with time. It’s no longer limited to movie theaters — now, you can get it through advanced home audio systems such as soundbars, a combination of speakers and subwoofers, and more. But can we get the Dolby Atmos Music through Bluetooth as well?

You are able to experience Dolby Atmos through Bluetooth, but this is only possible if the content you are streaming is mixed for Dolby Atmos and the audio output device you are connected to is Atmos-enabled. Oftentimes, stereo devices will attempt to simulate surround sound, but it’s not the same.

Be careful not to confuse the Atmos-powered Bluetooth headsets with the ones that mimic surround sound. Although cheap, these ones won’t get you anything like the amazing sound field that Atmos creates. That said, let’s find out more about how to get Atmos sound through Bluetooth.

Can You Get Dolby Atmos Music Through Any Bluetooth Headphones?

Modern headphones for listening to sound and music on a white background

Whether you can get Dolby Atmos music through Bluetooth headphones or not will depend on two factors:

  • First and foremost, the Bluetooth headphones you are using must be Atmos-enabled.
  • In addition, the music that’s being streamed must be mixed for Dolby Atmos.

In case you own regular stereo headphones, you won’t be able to experience the true surround sound effects.

There are some products that try to simulate a false form of surround sound. However, these products often fail to provide satisfactory results and end up destroying the overall sound quality of the products instead.

That said, you must choose the right Bluetooth headset to achieve actual Dolby Atmos effects.

How to Choose the Right Dolby Atmos-enabled Bluetooth Headphones

When choosing the Bluetooth headphone with Atmos capabilities, you should first understand the differences between the various choices.  

To achieve the best sound quality that replicates a theater-like experience, try multi-driver Bluetooth headsets. As the name suggests, these headphones feature several drivers — or tiny loudspeakers — selectively placed inside each ear cup to enhance surround sound effects.

But if you feel that too many drivers stuffed together in small ear cups could mess up the sound quality, you can go for single-driver headphones.

However, these might not allow you the same surround sound quality as the multi-driver headsets.

Just remember, whichever you choose, try getting headphones with a larger speaker diaphragm. This will significantly enhance the Atmos experience and provide a clearer and cleaner sound.

How Does Dolby Atmos Work With Supported Headphones Over Bluetooth?

Typically, when talking about Dolby Atmos technology, we mean placing sounds at different angles and heights to create a 3D effect. This can be achieved with a home theater configuration by installing speakers at various locations inside the room.

But when it comes to Bluetooth headphones, the logic changes a bit. While the immersive experience remains the same, the way it is achieved varies.

For one, the Bluetooth signal works in a similar fashion for the Atmos-enabled headphones as it does with normal ones by using radio waves to connect your headset to the audio device.

So, what is different about these headphones that make them capable of surround sound?

The answer is a special transducer in each ear cup of the Atmos-enabled headphones. These tools turn the sound signals into micro-vibrations as they pass over the head.

Dolby then uses a unique algorithm to convert these vibrations into their respective audio frequencies. In this way, it completes the reconstruction of the overall sound spectrum to produce a 3D audio field.  

Additionally, with such an advanced algorithm, the headphones automatically align the sound field with respect to the distance and angle of the ear cups.

Can You Access Dolby Atmos Music on Any Device?

Dolby Atmos music is available through various platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Tidal. Thankfully, all of these applications are easily accessible through most of the smart devices we often use.

The biggest limitation is being unable to stream HiFi music on speakers or headphones that don’t support Dolby Atmos.

Accessing Dolby Atmos Music from your device won’t make any difference if your output device cannot produce surround sound.

On Which Devices Can You Play Dolby Atmos Music?

Air Pods Pro

Most high-end products being produced today support Dolby Atmos Music. This includes AirPods Pro (on Amazon), Airpods Max (on Amazon), Powerbeats Pro Wireless (on Amazon), and the Sennheiser HD 560 S (on Amazon).

The easiest way to tell if a pair of headphones support Dolby Atmos is to look at the product description. When buying online, check every detail of the product and find out if it is Atmos-enabled.

Remember, once you start using the device, make sure you’ve got the correct settings on each of your devices. For instance, if you’re using an iPhone, turn the Dolby Atmos settings under audio to ‘Automatic.’ The same rule applies to your Mac and Apple 4K TV.

For Android devices, turn the Dolby Atmos settings ‘ON.’ Usually, the setting is available under ‘Audio,’ but it can vary according to the device’s make.

Don’t forget to keep your device’s firmware updated at all times to experience the best sound quality.

Once you get the settings right, all you have to do is play Atmos music to enjoy the immersive sound experience.