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Does Your Hisense TV Have Bluetooth? Here’s How To Tell

If you’re looking to connect your Hisense TV to a Bluetooth device, you might be wondering if your TV has Bluetooth capabilities. The good news is that many Hisense TVs do have Bluetooth, which allows for a range of convenient uses. For example, you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to your TV for improved audio quality, or use a Bluetooth headset for private listening.

Most Hisense TVs have Bluetooth, but some earlier models don’t. To check, simply navigate to the ‘Settings’, and then ‘Network,’ and see if you have Bluetooth as an option. You can also check the TV’s manual or product page, and you can use a Bluetooth transmitter to add Bluetooth to the TV.

Whether you’re looking to improve your audio quality, or simply want to use a Bluetooth headset, the first step is to figure out if your Hisense TV has bluetooth at all, before then figuring out how to turn it on and, ultimately, how to pair your device. Let’s start working through these things.

Understanding Hisense TV Bluetooth Capability

Does Hisense TV Have Bluetooth?

When it comes to Hisense TVs, the situation is pretty similar to that of people using TCL, LG, or Vizio TVs: many models have Bluetooth capability, but not all. It’s important to check whether your specific model has this function before attempting to use it. (we also have an article on TCL VS Hisense Roku TVs)

To determine if your Hisense TV has Bluetooth, you can refer to the user manual or check the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, you can navigate to the settings menu on your TV and look for a Bluetooth option. If you can’t find one, then your TV likely doesn’t have Bluetooth capability.

If your TV does have Bluetooth, then you can easily connect compatible devices such as headphones or speakers. The following Hisense TV series have Bluetooth: A4H, A6, A60, A6G, A7, H55, H65, H8, H8G, H8G1, H9, Laser TV, U6, U7, U8, and the U9 series.

It’s worth noting that some models are only partially compatible with Bluetooth. This means that you can only connect limited external devices via Bluetooth in a normal direct way. However, most models are fully compatible with Bluetooth, allowing you to connect a wider range of devices.

But, how can you tell if the TV you have in front of you right now has Bluetooth?

How To Tell If Your Hisense TV Has Bluetooth

One way to check if your Hisense TV has Bluetooth is to check the specifications of your exact television. You can visit the Hisense website-Televisions page and use the menus to find your model. Once you’ve found your TV, click “View Product” and check the specifications to see if Bluetooth is listed.

Another way to check if your Hisense TV has Bluetooth is to look for the Bluetooth logo on the TV itself. This logo may be located on the back of the TV or on the packaging it came in. If you’re unsure, consult the user manual that came with your TV.

If you’re still unsure whether your Hisense TV has Bluetooth, you can navigate to the settings to enable bluetooth – head to the next section, and, if you simply don’t have this option on your TV’s menus, then you don’t have Bluetooth built into it.

How to Enable Bluetooth on Hisense TVs

Enabling Bluetooth on your Hisense TV is a piece of cake, just follow these steps:

  1. Access the Main Menu: Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote, this will open up the main menu on your screen.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’: Using the arrow keys on your remote, scroll down until you reach the ‘Settings’ option and select it.
  3. Find the ‘Network’ Option: In the ‘Settings’ menu, locate the ‘Network’ option and give it a click.
  4. Dive into the Bluetooth Settings: Here you will find the ‘Bluetooth’ settings nestled within. It’s time to enter!
  5. Enable Bluetooth: Now that you’re in the right place, it’s a simple case of enabling Bluetooth on your Hisense TV.

Next, we’ll talk about how to pair devices once you have Bluetooth enabled.

Pairing Devices with Hisense TV

Now, you can connect Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speakers, and other external devices to your Hisense TV. If you’re connecting headphones, a speaker, or some other Bluetooth device, don’t worry – you follow the same simple connection path for all devices:

  1. Put your headphones/speakers/other device in pairing mode.
  2. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your Hisense TV.
  3. Select your headphones/speakers from the list of available devices.
  4. Wait for your TV to pair with your headphones/speakers.
  5. Enjoy your favorite shows and movies with high-quality sound!

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

If you’re having trouble connecting your Bluetooth device to your Hisense TV, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get your Bluetooth connection up and running.

First, try power cycling your TV. This can help reset the Bluetooth connection and fix any connectivity issues. To power cycle your TV, simply unplug it from the power source, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.

If power cycling doesn’t work, try disconnecting your Bluetooth device from other devices. Sometimes, Bluetooth devices can only be connected to one device at a time. If your device is already connected to another device, you may need to disconnect it before you can connect it to your Hisense TV.

Another common issue with Bluetooth connectivity is interference. If you have other Bluetooth devices operating in the area, or it’s next to your router where WiFi signals could interfere, try moving it around. If you suspect this is your issue, have a look at this resource on diagnosing, troubleshooting, and fixing Bluetooth/Wi-Fi interference. If you suspect a problem here, be sure to skim through our full guide on Hisense TV/WiFi connection issues as well.

Finally, make sure that your Hisense TV software is up to date. Sometimes, outdated software can cause Bluetooth connectivity issues. To update your software, go to the settings menu on your TV and select “Software Update.”

How To Add Bluetooth To A Hisense TV

Bluetooth Transmitter

We talk a lot on the blog about adding Bluetooth to and from devices, and it works for TVs as well. You can check out our article on how to add Bluetooth to any TV here. This conversation involves using a bluetooth transmitter and receiver system that converts the TV’s audio output to a Bluetooth signal at the TV, before “receiving” it at the Bluetooth receiver that is either added to a non-bluetooth device on the other side (like a speaker).

Or, more advanced Bluetooth transmitters like this one (on Amazon) simply offer a screen to allow pairing to Bluetooth enabled devices (your headphones, speakers, etc.). There’s another example of this type of transmitter pictured above.

We know this can be a little complicated, so, check out this resource on understanding how a Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver work if you’d like more info.

Hisense Bluetooth and Beyond

With this newfound knowledge on your Hisense TV’s Bluetooth capabilities, you’re now ready to fully elevate your home theater experience. You can add a bluetooth speaker, headphones, or, heck, you can even connect your phone to stream music through your TV! Remember: you can always add Bluetooth if you don’t have it built in, and past that you’re ready to dive back into the home theater experience!