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Does Firestick Have Bluetooth? + How to Connect BT Speakers

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a fantastic device that offers easy media streaming setup and portability for use with any screen. One of the great features is that it has Bluetooth, and you can connect your wireless headphones, speakers, or any other device in just a few simple steps. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Fire TV’s Settings
  2. Select ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’, then ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’
  3. Put your Bluetooth speakers in pairing mode
  4. Select your device from the ‘Discovered Devices’ list

If that doesn’t automatically work, or if you’re trying to get creative and connect to headphones or multiple Bluetooth speakers at the same time, there’s more on that below, but thankfully the basics are pretty simple.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bluetooth Compatibility with New Firestick: The Fire TV Stick is Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to connect it with various devices like headphones, speakers, keyboards, and game controllers.
  • How-To Steps: Easily connect Bluetooth devices by navigating to the Fire TV’s settings, selecting Controllers and Bluetooth Devices, then Other Bluetooth Devices, and finally pairing your device.
  • General Troubleshooting: If issues arise, try restarting both the speaker and Fire TV Stick, ensure your speaker is in pairing mode, and check if it’s already connected to another device.

Does Firestick Have Bluetooth? + Compatible Devices

Firestick TV does have Bluetooth, enabling you to connect a variety of wireless devices. Take a look at the table presented below to see what devices can be connected to the Fire TV Stick via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth DevicePurpose/Use
Bluetooth Headphones and EarbudsFor private listening without disturbing others.
Bluetooth SpeakersTo enhance audio output, especially if TV speakers are insufficient.
Bluetooth KeyboardsUseful for easier text input, searching, and navigation.
Bluetooth Game ControllersIdeal for gaming apps on the Fire TV Stick.
Bluetooth MiceCan be paired for navigation, though not as common.
Bluetooth Devices Compatible with Firestick

How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to a Fire TV Stick:

One quick note here, these instructions are for connecting the speakers directly to the Fire TV Stick, but you can also connect a Firestick to a soundbar. And if you’ve ever wondered if you can connect your Fire TV Stick to a projector and then connect the projector to your Bluetooth speakers, check out our guides at the links.

Connecting Bluetooth speakers is a pretty simple task. Take a look at the short video below on connecting wireless headphones to the Fire TV stick, and then you can proceed with the detailed steps below to connect them and bring your home entertainment to another level. (Source)

How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to a Fire TV Stick:

1) Navigate to the Fire TV’s Settings

The first step is opening the Settings menu on your Fire TV, which is where you will turn on Bluetooth in the next step.

  1. Turn On Your TV and Fire TV Device: Ensure both your television and Fire TV device are powered on.
  2. Select the Correct TV Input: Use your TV remote to switch to the input channel that your Fire TV device is connected to.
  3. Use the Fire TV Remote: Pick up your Fire TV remote.
  4. Access the Home Screen: On your Firestick remote press the Home button.
  5. Navigate to Settings: On the home screen, you’ll see several menu options at the top. The Settings option is usually represented by a gear icon. Once you find it, press the select button in the center of the navigation circle to enter the Settings menu.

Pro-Tip: If you have misplaced your remote or it’s not working properly, you can use Amazon’s Fire TV Remote app to log in and control your TV from your phone. (Source)

2) Select ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’, then ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’

Connecting a Bluetooth Device to a Fire TV - Smaller

Once you’re on the settings page, navigate first to the Controllers and Bluetooth Devices. Even though this menu option doesn’t call out speakers outright, it’s where you manage all of the Bluetooth connections.

On the next page, select ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’. This is where you’ll add your Bluetooth speaker, or where you’d select your Bluetooth headphones if you’re trying to connect those (more on that later – also we have a full guide here).

3) Put Your Bluetooth Speakers in Pairing Mode

Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Fire TV Stick Step 1 Pairing Mode - Smaller

Usually, this step involves simply holding the power button for an extra long time when turning the speaker on. Some speakers may require you to hit a separate button to start this process. Reference your speaker’s instructions if it’s not apparent how to put the device in pairing mode.

If you don’t already have a Bluetooth speaker and you’re planning your setup, rest assured that there are plenty of options that are cheap and easy to use, like the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker (on Amazon), and if you’re really going to fill the room with sound you can use something on the higher end like the Bose SoundLink Revolve (also on Amazon).

4) Select Your Device from the ‘Discovered Devices’ List

Connecting a Bluetooth Device to a Fire TV 2 - Smaller

Finally, we’re at the spot where you should see your speaker broadcasting its signal, and the Fire TV Stick picking it up. If you see multiple options on this screen, you’ll have to use their reported names to try and figure out which one the speaker is.

Select your speaker from the list, and wait for some kind of audible pairing notice (a chime or ding) from the speaker itself. At that point, the screen should also reflect that the speaker is connected. You can back out of this menu and start using the Fire TV Stick as normal now, only the sound should now be coming through your speaker.


Bluetooth Speakers Not Visible On Your TV

If you don’t see your speaker on the ‘Discovered Devices’ list, there are a few things you can try. First, you can turn the speaker on and off again, while continuing to scan for Bluetooth devices on the Fire TV Stick’s menu. If that doesn’t work, you should power cycle both the Bluetooth speaker and the Fire TV Stick, to start from scratch.

Restarting Bluetooth Speakers and the Fire Stick TV

  • First, restart both the Bluetooth speakers and the Fire TV Stick. You can do this by turning off, waiting for a few seconds, and then turning on your devices.
  • Alternatively, you can restart the Fire TV Stick by going to Settings > Device/My Fire TV > Restart.

If you experience any further issues with Firestick after restarting it (like the Firestick home screen not loading) follow the steps in this guide for troubleshooting.

Checking Pairing Mode On Bluetooth Speakers

  • Check Pairing History: Some speakers remember past connections and might need to clear this history to pair with a new device.
  • Disconnect from Other Devices: Ensure your Bluetooth speakers aren’t already connected to another device. You might need to turn off Bluetooth on other devices nearby or disconnect them from the speaker manually.
  • Putting speakers in pairing mode correctly: Double-check your speaker’s instructions and make sure you’re putting it in pairing mode properly

Audio Issues with Bluetooth Speakers

If the speaker seems connected but you can’t hear anything, try using the volume controls on the Fire TV Stick remote to increase the volume, and if that doesn’t work try to use the physical volume buttons on the speaker itself to see if this is the solution you need.

If you’re still not hearing anu Bluetooth audio, try plugging the Bluetooth speaker into a power outlet to make sure it has power. Some portable Bluetooth speakers have just enough power to turn on and go into Bluetooth pairing mode before powering down again when the battery is low, and this isn’t automatically clear.

Connecting Multiple Speakers at the Same Time

So you’ve got the Bluetooth speaker connected, but what about if you’re going for a fuller, more room-filling sound. You might be wondering if it’s possible to connect multiple speakers to your Fire TV Stick, to get multi-channel sound in the room. 

This gets a little more complicated. First off, you won’t be able to get multi-channel/stereo sound, but you can simply duplicate the audio signal to go to two places. You need another device though, the Swiitech Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver (on Amazon) for example, which supports the connection of two Bluetooth devices. 

You’ll need to connect this to your screen’s audio port. So, use the TaoTronics’ aux cable to plug into either your Television or Projector’s aux port. Then, follow the TaoTronics’ instructions for pairing your multiple Bluetooth speakers to it. 

One exception here might be if you have a device that has Bluetooth 5 installed, in which case you can connect multiple speakers (more on Bluetooth 5 in our tutorial). See our guide on connecting multiple Bluetooth speakers to a Bluetooth 5 device for more on how to run that setup.

Thomas Minana

Monday 18th of January 2021

once I set this up, can I use my speakers when not watching something on the fire stick? thank you Thomas