We understand that building the perfect home theater or home entertainment center can be extremely difficult on your own!

You can hire one of our remote Home Theater Experts to speak with you! We're happy to help with any questions or issues that you have.

Here are the range of things we can assist with:

  • Home Theater Design (speaker layout, room size, acoustics, etc.)
  • Assistance with Equipment Selection/Purchasing
  • Universal Remote Control Systems
  • And More!


$75 for 30 minutes
$120 for 1 hour

How It Works

We will do the consultation call via Google Meet or Zoom. You don't have to use video if you don't want to, that's totally up to you.

Make sure you have some notes prepared before the call. Here's what you will need prior to scheduling your call:

  • The components you are using or plan on using or need help picking.
  • Why you are booking your call. (Help with picking equipment, acoustics/room design, troubleshooting, etc.)
  • Any questions that you have.

If you decide that you'd like to schedule a consultation call with us, simply fill out the contact form below.

Let's Schedule Your Call!

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