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How to Connect an Echo Dot to a Soundbar

Since Echo Dots don’t have the most powerful speakers, it’s a great idea to connect to a high-quality external speaker like your soundbar to get a better sound experience when using your Echo Dot. Depending on your soundbar, you can connect the two devices via Bluetooth or through a standard 3.5 mm aux audio cable, after you have them both set up.

To Connect Via Bluetooth:

Connect an Echo Dot to a Soundbar via Bluetooth - Smaller
  1. Put your soundbar in pairing mode.
  2. In the Alexa app on your smartphone, go to Main Menu > Settings
  3. Select your Echo Dot > Bluetooth, and pair with your soundbar
  4. Test the connection
  5. Click Forget Device on the Bluetooth menu if you want to break the connection

For a wired connection:

Connect an Echo Dot to a Soundbar via AUX Cable - Smaller
  1. Get a standard 3.5 mm aux audio cable
  2. Plug one end of your 3.5 mm aux audio cable into your Echo Dot’s Aux Out port
  3. Plug the other end into your soundbar’s AUX In connection (Or use an AUX to RCA adapted to connect RCA cables to your soundbar)
  4. Test the connection

After connecting your Echo Dot to your soundbar, you’ll love being able to listen to music and everything else coming from your Echo Dot on a much more powerful speaker. It will make a world of a difference and is simple to do, so here are the details on what you need to do to get it going.

First: Make Sure Your Echo Dot and Soundbar are Set-Up

If you’ve just bought your Echo Dot, it’s important to make sure that you have it completely set up before you add your soundbar into the mix — especially since you’ll be using the Alexa app. For any questions on the setup process, check out the Amazon Echo Dot Setup page.

If you’ve just bought a soundbar, make sure that it is also fully set up by using the instruction manual or an online instructional resource posted by your manufacturer.

If you need some more direction on how to finish setting up your soundbar, check out our complete soundbar setup and connection guide. Next, you’ll want both devices powered on before getting started.

Connecting Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a very versatile and useful connection option, and you should lean towards this if you really like the wire-free look. Sometimes Bluetooth audio quality isn’t the best, but you can at least connect your device up this way to check it out.

Put your soundbar in pairing mode.

Since you’re making a Bluetooth connection between your soundbar and your Echo Dot, you’ll need to put your soundbar in pairing mode. This will allow the Echo Dot to recognize and connect with your soundbar.

The process for putting a soundbar in pairing mode differs between models and manufacturers, not so much between soundbar channels, which we’ve touched on before. It may be a simple button on the soundbar itself, or it may be on the remote. It may be on your soundbar’s corresponding app, or there may be a specific process that you need to follow.

Check your manufacturer’s guide if you aren’t sure how to put your soundbar in pairing mode, or view one of their online resources.

Find the Echo’s Settings Menu

Since the Echo Dot runs through the Alexa app, open up the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet to get started pairing your soundbar and your Echo Dot.

From the Alexa app, go to the Main Menu, then click on Settings. This step should be pretty simple, but if you don’t find the app, or if you’re in the app and you can’t find your Echo Dot, reference the troubleshooting materials that came with the Echo.

Pair with your Soundbar

While in the menu for your Echo’s settings, select “Bluetooth” and then, on the following menu, you should see your soundbar after a moment. Once you’ve selected it, the pairing process will begin, and you should hear an audible chime on your Bluetooth soundbar when connected.

If you don’t hear a chime, or if the pairing process seems to take a long time, you may need to restart both devices. This shouldn’t take too long, so don’t be afraid to reset and try again if the pairing process doesn’t work quickly for you.

Test the Connection

Now, the Bluetooth connection is made, and your Echo Dot’s audio will go through your soundbar. Go ahead and experiment with it a bit, make sure everything works.

Try to play some music, and make sure you’re satisfied with the audio quality. Everything should sound great, but if there’s a problem with the audio, then try unpairing the devices and repairing them.

Click Forget Device if you want to break the connection.

If you ever want to stop using your soundbar for your Echo Dot’s audio, you’ll want to do so by using the same Bluetooth device section within the Alexa app. You will simply need to click your soundbar by name, then select Forget Device.

For a wired connection

Aux or 3.5mm Cable

If your soundbar doesn’t have Bluetooth, you’re not totally out of luck. Almost all soundbars have a 3.5 mm auxiliary or “aux” port that allows you to connect right up, no Bluetooth required.

Get a standard 3.5 mm aux audio cable.

Since the Echo Dot is equipped with an aux output, you’ll need to get a standard 3.5 mm aux audio cable with male connections on both sides to connect it to your soundbar.

These cables are pretty standard. It wouldn’t be surprising if your soundbar came with one, but if you don’t have one laying around the house you can find plenty of cheap options like the AmazonBasics 3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable (on Amazon) for less than $10.

Connecting the Devices

Making the wired connection from your soundbar to the Echo Dot is a breeze. Simply plug one end of your 3.5 mm aux audio cable into your Echo Dot Aux Out connection.

To complete your wired connection, plug in the other end of the aux cable into your soundbar’s Aux input port, which will be around back by the other input/output options on the soundbar.

In the case that your soundbar only has RCA inputs, you can get a 3.5 mm to RCA adapter like the UGREEN 3.5mm Female to RCA Male Stereo Adapter (on Amazon) for a reasonable price. If you do need to go this route, don’t worry–it’s still as easy as plugging the 3.5mm cord into the adapter, and then the RCA inputs into the soundbar.

Go Ahead and Test

Now that they are both connected to the aux cable, your Echo Dot’s audio will go through your soundbar. To be sure that your connection has been made successfully, make sure both devices are powered on, then test the Echo Dot audio.

Play some music, make sure everything still sounds great, and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy your system. If you want to change anything up, there’s nothing complicated about unplugging the aux connections.

Final Thoughts

Connecting your Echo Dot to your soundbar is a great way to bring higher quality, more powerful sound experience when using your Echo Dot. Whether you’re getting information or listening to music, you will love the better sound quality you’ll receive now that you’re connected to your soundbar for audio.

The setup process is easy and straightforward, whether you’re using Bluetooth or a wired connection. It’s a simple, quick update that is a great alternative to buying a more expensive smart home device. Happy listening!