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HDMI vs Mini HDMI vs Micro HDMI

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HDMI has become one of the most prolific audio/video transfer standards. The “High-Definition Multimedia Interface” is so embedded in the modern technology ecosystem that it’s hard to find a device that you want to stream content from that you can’t use some version of HDMI …

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Do HDMI Couplers Degrade the Signal?

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If you’re extending an HDMI cable, chances are you have come across HDMI couplers. Sometimes called “HDMI barrels,” HDMI couplers seem like they are a straightforward solution to extending HDMI cable. Simply get another HDMI cable, connect them with the coupler, and you’re done. Simple, …

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Do Cables Go Bad Over Time?

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Maybe the cable is dead? Unless you’ve done something specific to damage the cable, the answer is not likely. Most damage to cables happens due to repeated plugging and unplugging or poor manufacturing. Using quality cables and disturbing them as little as possible can go …