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Can You Wirelessly Connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV?

The Nintendo Switch is swiftly gaining popularity among gamers for its compact and portable design. This console is even more interesting because it can connect to the TV to offer a bigger display. While the docked connection seems to function fine, there are times when you can forget to carry the dock along. So can you connect the console to the TV wirelessly in such a case?

It is not possible to natively cast the Nintendo Switch screen to a TV wirelessly. However, you can use a wireless HDMI kit to send audio/video wirelessly to a TV. Unfortunately, you must provide power for the wireless HDMI transmitter. You can also use a USB C to HDMI adapter to do the same thing.

This article will cover the entire process of connecting the Switch console to a TV without using a dock. We’ll also share some wired and wireless adapter recommendations, as well as, critical features to look out for so that you can select the suitable device for your needs.

Why Would I Need to Connect Nintendo Switch to a TV Wirelessly?

Are you wondering why you would want to connect Nintendo Switch to TV wirelessly? Well, considering the convenience of the classic docking system, it may sound irrelevant to even search for other ways to access your games on the big screen.

However, there are several instances where you might want an alternative. For example, if you don’t have a dock, don’t want to use one, or don’t have an easy place to put it.

You could also be traveling and forget to pack your dock with the Nintendo Switch. Those who love playing games on the big screen might find it frustrating not being able to do so while out of town.

Similarly, we can’t ignore the fact that the dock isn’t particularly durable since t’s made of a lightweight material that can be easily damaged by a fall or a similar accident.

Furthermore, it’s possible that you’ve ordered a Nintendo Switch and forgot to verify if the package included the dock.

In all the cases above, and probably some others we didn’t mention, you’ll need to think about how to connect your Nintendo Switch wirelessly or without a dock to the TV.

Why You Can’t Natively Connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV Wirelessly

These days, there are many ways to connect our devices wirelessly, so it may seem like that would be a possibility with the Nintendo Switch as well.

Indeed, there are ways to cast mobile screens to the TV, but the same is unfortunately not the case for Nintendo Switch. The technology for casting is relatively recent and advanced.

Using this technique, it would have been possible to mirror everything from the tiny Switch screen to the more prominent TV display. But we can’t have it all.

Currently, the Nintendo Switch does not work in that fashion. You need to connect the console to the TV with a simple USB C to HDMI cable or by using a wireless HDMI kit.

Looking on the bright side, even if you lose your dock or break it accidentally, there are still other ways to connect the console to the TV.

Wirelessly Connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV using a Wireless HDMI Kit

Currently, the only way to wirelessly send the video and audio from a Nintendo Switch to a TV or basically any screen with an HDMI port is by using a wireless HDMI kit.

A wireless HDMI kit contains 2 different components:

  1. HDMI Transmitter: Sends the audio and video signals from a device.
  2. HDMI Receiver: Receives the signal from the HDMI Transmitter and outputs that signal to a connected TV, projector, monitor, etc.

Setting this up can be a little confusing and annoying, but it does work! The only unfortunate thing about a setup like this is that you can’t wirelessly cast something to the TV and use the Switch’s display at the same time.

What You’ll Need

You will need a few different components to use and an HDMI kit with a Nintendo Switch.

  1. HDMI Cables (on Amazon)
  2. USB C to HDMI Adapter
    1. Standard USB C to HDMI Adapter (on Amazon)
    2. USB C to HDMI Adapter with Power (on Amazon)
  3. Wireless HDMI Kit (See different options below)
    1. Daigie Wireless HDMI kit (on Amazon)
    2. IOGEAR GWHD11 Wireless HDMI kit (on Amazon)
    3. AV Access Wireless HDMI kit (on Amazon)

How to Set Up the Connections

Setting up the connections is really simple, but there is a major downside to a configuration like this. Unfortunately, you and the Nintendo Switch will need to be close to an outlet in order to power the wireless HDMI transmitter.

It’s annoying, but the transmitter could be in the very back of the room and well hidden, as opposed to running a super long HDMI cable from the TV to the Nintendo Switch.

Anyways, here are the steps for wirelessly connecting a Nintendo Switch to any TV:

  1. Connect the wireless HDMI receiver to the TV via HDMI. Then connect the receiver to a power outlet.
  2. Connect the wireless HDMI transmitter to a power outlet very close to where you want to sit with the Nintendo Switch.
  3. Plug the USB C to HDMI adapter into the Nintendo Switch
  4. Connect an HDMI cable from the USB C to HDMI adapter to the HDMI transmitter’s HDMI input.
  5. Follow the process for pairing the wireless transmitter and receiver if they do not pair automatically.

If you get all of these connections right, the Nintendo Switch should be displayed on the TV! You can also use this same exact setup with the dock! You actually won’t need the USB C to HDMI adapter in this case.

How to Connect a Nintendo Switch to the TV Without a Dock

Typically, when using a Nintendo Switch dock, such as the UKor TV Dock (on Amazon), the cable for power and video for the Nintendo Switch goes to the back of the dock.

This is where you can find the different ports. There is one USB-C port for power input, along with a USB 3.0 port provided for any additional storage needed and an HDMI output port.

The job of the dock is to convert all the connections pertaining to data and power to USB-C. These signals route back to the dock’s bottom and to the console through the USB-C port. This particular USB-C port is responsible for charging the docked Switch when in use.

The dock also manages the transmission of video files to the TV as well as data stored in the USB device.

So the dock is a crucial tool in the overall setup, and finding a way to replace the dock might seem like a difficult task. Thankfully, it is not.

With the help of a USB-C to HDMI adapter, one can stop relying on the dock. Plus, it’s a breeze to successfully connect the adapter to the TV and the console. All you have to do is follow these steps carefully:

Steps to Connect Nintendo Switch to a TV Using the Adapter

  • Get a USB-C to HDMI adapter compatible with Switch and your TV.
  • Connect the adapter to one end of the HDMI cable. The other end will connect to the back of the TV.
  • As with the dock, the power supply will connect to the back of the adapter, usually placed close to the HDMI port.
  • Make sure that the power cable is connected to the power source. This way, the Switch will remain charged while you use it, and you won’t lose connection with the TV in the middle of a game.
  • Use the USB port on the adapter to connect the Pro Controller.
  • Place the Switch flat on the table if you aren’t using a stand. In case you are using a stand, make sure that the port on the console isn’t covered by the stand’s case.
  • Finally, connect the port on the Switch to the adapter.
  • If you can’t see your console screen on the TV display, verify the TV is set to the correct HDMI input.

Switch-Compatible Adapters for USB-C to HDMI

When purchasing an adapter to connect your Switch to the TV, you need to make sure it’s compatible.

The adapter must have a USB-C input to connect the adapter to power. It must also host an HDMI output port in order to stream video to the TV. For the connection between the Nintendo Switch and the adapter, there must be a USB-C connector.

Some adapters also feature an optional USB 3.0 port. This helps in managing external data sources. In the end, make sure to buy an adapter that supports 4K.  

If all that information seems too confusing, here are a few recommendations that will do the trick:


A pocket-sized device, the RREAKA adapter (on Amazon) is one of the slimmest adapters you can find around. With a metallic body and a total of four ports, this adapter looks stunning and provides all the functions you need.

The HDMI port for TV is placed on one of the sides of the device, while the USB-C port for connecting to the console goes on the opposite side. Because of this, the setup is easier to manage.

This adapter hosts HDMI, USB-C, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 ports in addition to the USB-C connector. Unlike the dock, this device is compact and easy to carry.

Switch HDMI Adapter Hub Dock

The Switch HDMI Adapter Hub (on Amazon) was designed with the Switch in mind, so you really can’t go wrong with this option, which can easily replace your original Switch dock.

Made of aluminum alloy, the adapter is convenient to carry and hosts a strong build. It is possible to charge this adapter while it’s connected to the TV and the Switch.

Overall, the adapter is compact, robust, and features everything that you need.