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Can You Use Just One Sonos Speaker

Sonos speakers are known for not only producing amazing sound but also for being incredibly convenient and easy to install. The intelligent speakers also respond to voice commands, making them a breeze to use. While having multiple speakers throughout the home is great, what if you only wanted a speaker in a single room? Is this even possible? Can you use just one Sonos speaker?

While Sonos allows you to pair many of its speakers into a stereo configuration, you can use any Sonos speaker by itself. The only exception is the Sonos Sub which will need to be paired with a Sonos speaker.

Put simply, you can use just one Sonos speaker and it won’t affect sound quality much. Admittedly, there are other reasons why it can make sense to only use a single speaker. However, there are many cases where you may want to think about adding a second one, more importantly, if you’re serious about your home theater entertainment system you’ll likely wind up adding more anyway.

Benefits of Using Just One Sonos Speaker

There are a few benefits to using a single Sonos speaker. Depending on which Sonos speaker you’re using it’s often cheaper than buying a pair. However, there are several models in the Sonos line at varying prices like the Arc soundbar (on Amazon). Purchasing only one speaker to use with the soundbar, won’t save you a lot of money but you’ll enjoy great audio.

Even a single Sonos speaker is designed to work by itself. You’ll still hear the full-audio range without any dead spots. There is an exception to audio quality. If you only have a Sonos sub, you’ll want to add another speaker. Otherwise, all you’ll hear is exceptional bass and you won’t have the rest of the frequency range that fills out the sound.

Additional Benefits of Using One Sonos Speaker

Even though Sonos speakers are designed for placement in multiple rooms, not everyone wants audio throughout their house. With one Sonos speaker, you’ll enjoy an immersive audio experience in the area you placed it. It’s also easier to connect a single component instead of multiples. There are fewer speakers to connect to your system and manage. Another benefit is with one speaker you have the opportunity to try out the Sonos ecosystem before you decide to go with the full setup.

Will You Miss Stereo Sound with Only One Sonos Speaker?

Connecting only one speaker usually means that audio quality suffers. Even if the speaker comes with a built-in sub, there is still a difference in audio quality. With one Sonos speaker to replace your outdated wired ones, you immediately notice an improvement in sound quality which we’ve explored before in our guide on wired home theater systems. Both vocals and music will sound crisp and clear across upper and lower frequencies.

One Sonos speaker will sound great, but two are always better especially if you’re adding surround sound to a soundbar like what’s explained in our other article. If you’re using the speaker for your home theater system or need multi-channel audio for movies and shows, stereo sound is always the best way to enjoy your entertainment. However, even if you are only using one Sonos speaker with your system, it’s a definite improvement over your small TV speakers.

Reasons You May Want More Than One Sonos Speaker

There are a few reasons why you may want more than one Sonos speaker. If you’re undecided about how many you need or want, a good idea is to take a look at your space and home entertainment setup. One speaker is fine for a single room and audio quality won’t suffer, but if you’re thinking about adding more later you might not want to wait.

It is less expensive to buy the speakers in pairs than one at a time. It’s also a little easier to install multiple speakers together, instead of separately. Installing two Sonos speakers also gives you a surround sound experience if both units are in the same room. You can even move one speaker to another room and network the two components together. Now you see what multi-room audio is like and if you want it throughout your home.

Which Sonos Speakers Should You Start With?

You have several options when you’re starting with Sonos speakers. Here’s a quick look at your choices so you have a better idea of which one is best for your audio needs. (All of the following links down below will take you directly to Amazon).

Sonos One

One SL


Sub (Gen 3)