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Can You Connect Two Sonos Products via Bluetooth?

If you’re a music fanatic, you might own some Sonos speakers, or, at the very least, you’re strongly considering getting some. Sonos speakers are the perfect completely wireless speaker solution for your home or office. They can be grouped together and play music simultaneously in the same room of your house or multiple rooms. Since they work through a wireless connection, you might be wondering if you can connect two Sonos devices through Bluetooth, however, many people ask if you can connect two Sonos products together via Bluetooth?

You cannot connect two Sonos products together via Bluetooth. Most Sonos devices do not even use Bluetooth to connect to your devices wirelessly. Sonos speakers are designed for wireless, multi-room HiFi and use a Wi-Fi network or dedicated Wireless Sonos network to sync together. 

Wireless high-fidelity (HiFi) audio is a popular way for many audiophiles to listen to music and other media throughout multiple rooms or from numerous speakers in the same room. Sonos speakers provide unparalleled high-fidelity audio. Their superior room-filling sound is vividly clear and does not disappoint. To understand why it’s impossible to connect two Sonos speakers with Bluetooth and why they don’t have Bluetooth capability in the first place, read this entire article!

Is Connecting Two Sonos Products Via Bluetooth Possible?

Unfortunately, connecting two Sonos products together through a Bluetooth connection is not possible. In fact, there are very few Sonos devices that even have Bluetooth capability. Even so, those few devices that support Bluetooth cannot connect together, which would essentially be creating a mesh network using a Bluetooth connection – which they don’t have the software to support. 

In other words, almost all Sonos devices do not have Bluetooth, and those that do, don’t have a Bluetooth protocol designed for connection between devices. However, devices like some smartphones can connect to two Bluetooth Sonos speakers at once, but the audio may not be synched, and it does not support stereo audio. 

How Do Sonos Speakers Connect Together Then? 

Sonos speakers and devices like the Sonos Beam (on Amazon), for example, are explicitly designed as multiple room high fidelity audio systems that connect together through a networked connection. Through the WiFi network, they can synch audio and provide stereo arrangements with numerous speakers.  

How to Setup Sonos Speakers Together

With Sonos speakers, you can stream music through your network without slowing your internet connection. However, to improve your connection, you can use a Sonos network extension. The extension works well for larger homes. 

When you first set up your Sonos devices, you will need a WiFi connection, a power outlet, the mobile app, and just a few minutes of your time to get them blasting. All Sonos speakers are controlled with the Sonos mobile application.

In the application, you can create multiple “groups,” which can be all speakers on one floor or all the speakers in your home, for example. Sonos devices can be arranged for multiple room music or a home theater setup. The devices are easy to pair and set up as you want them. Since they’re connected via a WiFi network, they always play in sync, however, as we pointed out in our guide, you could always just use one device.

What Type of Sonos Speakers can Be Synced with WiFi?

Since you cannot use Bluetooth to connect to Sonos devices together, you can use your local WiFi or ethernet connection to do so. All Sonos devices use a network connection to provide their high fidelity sound to your home. Whether you have devices spread throughout your home on multiple floors or in the same room for a cinema-like setup, you can rest assured that your audio will be perfectly synced and crisp quality too. 

Types of Wireless Sonos Speakers

Some of the types of speakers that Sonos offers that work together with a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection are battery-powered portable speakers, home theater speakers, speaker sets, and architectural speakers. Additionally, some Sonos speakers like the Sonos Move from Amazon can connect to your phone or another Bluetooth device to stream music.

But as stated earlier, you cannot connect two Sonos speakers together with Bluetooth). Here are some of Sonos speaker devices that can stream music from your phone through Bluetooth (more on the differences between the many types in our guide)

  • Sonos Move- A durable, battery-powered speaker for inside and outside use
  • Sonos Roam- A budget-friendly smart speaker that fits easily in most laptop bags and backpacks 
  • Sonos 2 Room Set with Roam- a two-pack of the “Roam” model that is paired together
  • Sonos Indoor Outdoor Set- includes one Sonos Move and one Sonos One 
  • Sonos Multi-Room Entertainment Set- Indoors one Sonos soundbar that mounts under your TV and one Sonos Move that you can also take with you on the road. 

Whatever Sonos device you get, you can rest assured that you can easily connect them together through a WiFi network. However, with Bluetooth, you can only play audio on one device. 

Why Don’t Most Sonos Speakers Have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth speakers are relatively simple devices. They offer easy pairing to mobile devices, computers, etc., and provide instant usefulness. Bluetooth speakers are limited in that they do not have the ability to sync their audio across multiple speakers.

As such, Sonos speakers use networked-based HiFi for multiple rooms and surround sound pairing. These types of functions are not possible with a simple Bluetooth connection. Because Bluetooth cannot support surround sound and multiple room speaker setup, Sonos does not include Bluetooth functionality with most of their speakers. 

With that being said, some Sonos devices do support a Bluetooth connection to a mobile device only. The Sonos speakers’ Bluetooth is designed to stream music and other audio when you’re away from your home by using your phone. It doesn’t allow Bluetooth connection between Sonos devices as that is not its designed use case. 


You cannot connect Sonos devices together with a Bluetooth connection because they do not use Bluetooth. They use a network connection to connect and sync music and other audio through multiple rooms in your house or within the same room for a surround-sound cinema experience.  

Few Sonos devices do have Bluetooth capabilities. The ones that do have Bluetooth are not designed to play the same audio simultaneously through multiple devices. They can only stream music and other media when you are away from your house through a mobile device.