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How To Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones At Once?

If you have ever tried to connect two Bluetooth headphones to a single device, you know it doesn’t “just work” automatically. While it is true that some devices can support this type of function, getting two devices connected will require an extra device.

In general, you can’t connect two Bluetooth headphones to a single device at once, except Apple’s AirPods and Beats which can share audio. You can also add this functionality with some simple hardware like an adapter or transmitter to enable this feature.

Below, we’ll explain how to connect two Bluetooth devices at once, and then we’ll offer some tips for you to get the most out of a shared audio connection.

Key Takeaways

  • Using Bluetooth Transmitters: For broader connectivity, Bluetooth transmitters enable multi-device pairing, but come with range and audio quality limitations.
  • Device Compatibility: Some advanced devices, like iPhones or Samsung Galaxy 8, can connect up to two Bluetooth headphones simultaneously using Audio Share, but typically only with specific brands. Apple devices like AirPods and Beats can share audio from Apple Devices natively. (Source)
  • Laptop Pairing: Mac users can use ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ for multiple speakers, while Windows users may need software like Voicemeeter.

What Does Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing Mean?

When trying to find a solution to the multiple Bluetooth headphone issue, you are more than likely going to run into this terminology.  While it is the case that multipoint pairing means you can have more than one device connected to a single source at a time when it comes to audio, you will only be able to use one Bluetooth device at a time.

Multipoint pairing just means that you can have multiple Bluetooth devices connected, not that you can use multiple audio devices like headphones at the same time. Bluetooth multipoint pairing usually means you can do the following things:

  • Have two devices hooked up and paired to a single device, like headphones.
  • Transfer audio signal from one device to another, but not simultaneously.
  • Use two sources for audio interchangeably without needing to constantly re-pair.

While this does not solve your problem, it is worth exploring. Products like the JBL Tune 700BT (on Amazon) offer this technology and can easily connect to two devices and switch intelligently.

But multipoint technology does not solve our problem; to connect more than one pair of Bluetooth headphones to a single audio device, we will need extra hardware. You can also connect multiple devices to one speaker if that’s the functionality you’re looking for.

How to Pair Two Pairs of Headphones With One Device

As it stands now, there are not many native solutions to this issue. To connect more than one pair of Bluetooth headphones to a single device, you are going to need to get a hold of a Bluetooth transmitter – an item we’ve talked about before in our article on Bluetooth speakers and Fire TV Sticks. These devices will add this function to your setup, but come with some limitations.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a Bluetooth transmitter:

  • You will always need to be in the range of the transmitter for proper operation.
  • While they can connect two pairs of headphones, more can cause some audio degradation.
  • For proper operation, you will need to stay still to keep the connection stable and carry the extra transmitter and cords necessary for operation/

Fortunately, if this is something you are looking to add to your audio setup, there are some excellent and reasonably priced options to explore.

The Electric Giant Bluetooth 5.0 (on Amazon) offers both a transmitter and a receiver, which means you can use this device to add Bluetooth accessibility to a device that does not support this functionality natively. 

Using Audio Sharing to Pair Two Headphones to One Phone

Some device manufacturers, like Apple and Samsung, have already produced some neat solutions to this issue. Unfortunately, these functions only work if you are either using their products or are specific to certain models.

Bluetooth Audio Sharing with an iPhone or iPad

In Apple’s case (as we have mentioned in this guide you can also skim), one benefit is you can use audio sharing reasonably easily, but you can only use this function to connect either AirPods or Beats branded headphones, both Apple products. An iPhone or iPad can share audio with up to two pairs of headphones simultaneously. (Source)

Bluetooth Audio Sharing on iPhone

Watch the short video below to see how easy this is. To access this feature, you will need to:

  1. Connect your pair of Beats or Apple-branded Bluetooth devices.
  2. Tap the Airplay icon.
  3. Tap share audio.
  4. Place the second pair of Beats or Airpods close to your iPhone.
  5. When they appear on the screen, click share audio.

Bluetooth Audio Sharing with an Android Phone

Some newer and more advanced Android smartphones have the option of audio sharing which you can use to connect multiple headphones (or even multiple speakers, like we have explained in this guide) of different brands, as long as they are both Bluetooth. This option is also called Dual Audio and Samsung Galaxy devices that are version 8 or higher are the most likely to have it.

To connect more than one device on your Samsung phone, all you need to do is follow the regular Bluetooth pairing sequence but for both devices.

  1. Activate Bluetooth: Turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone.
  2. Pair First Speaker: Pair your phone with the first Bluetooth speaker.
  3. Access Advanced Settings: Go to your phone’s advanced Bluetooth settings.
  4. Enable Audio Sharing: Enable the audio sharing or dual audio feature.
  5. Pair Second Speaker: Pair your phone with the second Bluetooth speaker.
  6. Adjust Settings: Adjust volume and settings as needed for both speakers.

Fortunately, this kind of feature is becoming more and more widespread, and some other mobile manufacturers are starting to include audio-sharing features in their products.

Can You Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones To One Laptop?

Connecting two Bluetooth headphones at once to laptops or MacBooks is possible, with MacOS using ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ and Windows possibly needing third-party software, but it is important to note that one of the limitations that you might run into is issues with audio sync and quality.


  1. Turn on Bluetooth in System Preferences.
  2. Pair both headphones via the Bluetooth menu.
  3. Set Up Audio Device: Open Applications, go to Utilities, and open Audio MIDI Setup. Click ‘+’ and select ‘Create Multi-Output Device’. Check your headphones in the list.
  4. Choose Audio Output: Go back to System Preferences, select Sound, then Output, and choose the Multi-Output Device you created.
  5. Adjust Volume: Adjust the volume as needed in Sound settings.

Windows Laptop:

  1. Enable Bluetooth in Settings.
  2. Check Sound Settings: Some laptops can play sound to both headphones at once. Check this in Sound settings.
  3. Consider Using Third-party Software: If your laptop can’t play both, you might need software like Voicemeeter. Follow the instructions to install and set up the software.
  4. Adjust the volume in the software or laptop settings.