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Can a Fire TV Stick Play Surround Sound?

That is right; AI is the future. If you asked your new hi-tech toy to fetch you an uber or a takeaway, it could. The Fire Stick is a portable device that simplifies streaming television or listening to music from the comfort of your home. All you need is a single remote along with Alexa’s voice support function that acts like a magic wand. So, given its brilliant AI, we want to know if the Fire Stick can play surround sound.

Yes, your Fire Stick device can play surround sound with HDMI or without an HDMI port connection. The efficiency varies by model. The Fire Stick supports 5.1 surround while the latest Fire Stick upgraded version supports Dolby Digital Plus, which streams both Dolby Digital 5.1/7.1 and Dolby Atmos.

Some HDTVs can produce 5.1 surround sound through optical or coaxial digital sound, while others can only output stereo sound. Users would undoubtedly want to hook their Fire Sticks to their surround sound systems because it can enhance their viewing experience and make it much more engaging. With the suggestions provided here, you may do so with minimal effort.

Can a Fire TV Stick Play Surround Sound With HDMI Cable?

Yes, surround sound and video can be played via HDMI cable. Anything your TV plays with the Fire Stick will be played in surround sound provided your audio system is connected to your TV.

HDMI can transfer higher-resolution audio, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio, present on Blu-ray discs. These formats are not compatible with the optical transmission, though. Additionally, HDMI can transport video signals, which makes it more user-friendly.

However, according to Amazon, AV receivers do not support Fire Stick. Therefore, you may need to check the output available on your television. As mentioned earlier, 5.1 surround sound is present on the Fire Stick.

With that said, you may choose to stream 5.1 surround sound based on the audio format when connecting your TV to a soundbar or home theatre system through HDMI.

How do you go about it? A little USB adaptor should have come along with your Fire Stick. Connect it to a power outlet. The adapter may also be plugged into a power strip and must remain turned on.

The Fire Stick will function only with power. The HDMI input is normally located on the side or back of your television. Connect the Fire Stick and keep track that it’s in the correct input. Choose the HDMI input where the Fire Stick is linked in your television’s HDMI input settings.

Double-check your television if you are not sure. Even older models of TV sets frequently offer a few HDMI inputs. You should remember this, you won’t be able to use the Amazon stick if your TV isn’t set to the right channel.

Can a Fire TV Stick Play Surround Sound Without HDMI Cable?

Yes, a Fire TV can play with or without an HDMI cable. A few older televisions may not have HDMI ports integrated. In that case, the HDMI extender is the best alternative.

You may also connect with an HDMI to AV converter or an HDMI to VGA adapter. Consider your available input options and, based on your screen, acquire an HDMI to AV converter or an HDMI to VGA adapter.  

The Amazon Firestick supports stereo output by default. As a result, stereo content will be available by default in applications. The gadget, however, does allow Dolby passthrough. If the playback is on TV speakers, Amazon suggests using it. 

How To Connect HDMI to Surround Sound Without HDMI Port?

HDMI Cable and Digital Optical Cable on a wooden desk

If your receiver does not have an HDMI port, your other alternative is to use an HDMI extender. Fortunately, it arrives with the Amazon Fire Stick, so all you have to do is plug it into the input port that every receiver has. 

Yet another major benefit of incorporating an HDMI extender – your Amazon Fire Stick can be placed away from other gadgets. It enables even better WiFi signals. Also, if your HDMI extension cable is lost, don’t fret because Amazon provides a wide array of them.

Another alternative to connect the Fire Stick to the TV without using an HDMI connection is using an adapter or converter. Follow the steps below on how to enhance with an adapter.

First, connect the adapter to your TV and a power source. Then hook your Fire Stick to the HDMI connection on the adapter. Ensure you have done all of the other steps outlined in the process. After you have connected, go to settings on the top of the screen and open the Menu.

Click Display and Sounds from the drop-down menu. Then choose the display and go to video resolution. Change the video resolution to 720p from 1080p. 

One disadvantage of implementing the adapter is that higher resolutions cause the Fire Stick to slow down. You can fix this problem by setting your resolution to 720p 

To obtain the best experience, we suggest using the fire stick with devices that support 1080p resolution, but 720p will suffice.

How To Fix a Fire Stick That Isn’t Working With Surround Sound?

Putting together your gizmos can be confusing, and many things could go wrong. No sound might be due to faulty settings on TV or speaker systems.

It may have unwittingly activated the mute button, paired headphones with the Fire Stick through Bluetooth, or connected the Fire Stick to the wrong HDMI port. But once you get the hang of it, you will be a pro.

Solution 1: You may launch the Alexa app to check set up. Access the Devices and select Plus, then scroll to the bottom. Choose combine speakers from the drop-down menu. Next, select the Home Theater option.

After that, choose a supported Fire TV device. Pick up to two compatible Echo devices, as well as an optional Echo Sub, to use as speakers. When incorporating two Echo devices, just choose left and right speakers. Give your home theatre a name and allocate a room in your home.

Your speaker group’s devices need to be in the same room as your television. Finish the setup by following the instructions on your television.

Solution 2: We also list below a few more tips if you are troubleshooting.

  • Ensure your speakers are turned on. It might appear simply as a trivial detail. But if a sound system is being switched on individually from the TV and Fire Stick, it is easy to overlook.
  • Next, check if you have mistakenly muted one of your TV or Fire Stick remotes. Press the Mute button. Press the Mute and Volume buttons on your connected speaker system’s remote as well.
  • Sometimes simply pressing the Up on the Fire Stick remote’s circular button is said to repair audio bugs.
  • Try switching back and forth on HDMI inputs other options, and then go back to HDMI source with your Fire Stick.
  • Try to restart your Fire Stick. play and wait to reboot
  • Disconnect from the power source for 1 minute and try again after plugging in
  • Scan for updates and update the apps and systems on the Fire Stick.
  • Check if any BlueTooth devices are connected and disconnect to test once again.

You may also stream surround sound in Dolby audio format when connecting your television to an AVR or speaker through HDMI or Optical audio output. Furthermore, when it comes to conventional surround sound, the Fire Stick remains unaffected.

It has a dynamic panning as well as excellent audio throughout the soundstage. Let your Dolby Atmos AV receiver configure its Dolby Surround mode and apply post-processing to enhance the sound quality.