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11 Best Soundbars for Apartments or Smaller Rooms

Are you looking to fill a small space with high-quality sound? A small space doesn’t mean you have to let up on your entertainment center’s sound quality. A soundbar is a great alternative to a traditional surround sound system and perfect for a small room or apartment.

What are the best soundbars (and entertainment centers – our list) for apartments or smaller rooms?

There are some amazing soundbars on the market, and rather than a traditional surround sound setup, you will get more bang for your buck in your small space with a soundbar. No matter your budget, your current technology, or your specific preferences, there is a great soundbar that will heighten your entertainment experience.

Yamaha YAS-108

Yamaha is a multinational corporation that was founded in 1887 in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. It sells a wide range of products, including musical keyboards and instruments, speakers, electric riding vehicles, audio/video products, golf products, automobile components, and more.

The Yamaha YAS-108 (on Amazon) is a popular soundbar that is packed with features, such as built-in subwoofers and advanced sound technology. Even tech gurus can appreciate that the Yamaha YAS-108 is a great buy for a small room.


The Yamaha YAS-108 is stylish, thin, and powerful. It includes dual built-in subwoofers that keep a minimalist design while providing top-notch bass, and it has two built-in tweeters. You can enjoy clearer voices in your entertainment from an enhanced vocal frequency range.

The YAS-108 comes with DTS Virtual:X for a truly immersive surround sound experience in your small space, and you can easily connect wirelessly through Bluetooth for streaming. Bluetooth streaming is also easily switched between two devices.

Connect your desired components with an HDMI in and out (ARC), a subwoofer out, an optical, and an AUX. The YAS-108 can be mounted or sat on top of your furniture.


There’s not much to complain about for the YAS-108, but it does lack the ability to connect with smart home devices (more on other tricky connections in our tutorial). At a few hundred dollars, it is not the cheapest on the list, but it is very well-made for the price.

Yamaha YAS-109

It’s no surprise that this top brand has another great soundbar option for small rooms. The Yamaha YAS-109 (on Amazon) is a slight upgrade from the YAS-108 and sits at a slightly higher price. Enjoy a few extra features and all of the same great integrations as the 108.


The Yamaha YAS-109 is another top-notch choice for small rooms, but it is more of a mid-ranged buy at over $200. It includes dual built-in subwoofers, clear voice technology, DTS Virtual:X integration, and even a controller app for your smartphone.

Unlike most other options on our list, Amazon Alexa is built-in the YAS-109, which allows you to control hands-free. It can control your smart home devices, get any content you want, play what you want, and control Fire TV. You can also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

You can connect a subwoofer via the subwoofer out, and it has an HDMI in and out (ARC), in addition to the optical and AUX. Like the 108, the design is slim, but it is a powerful soundbar.


The Yamaha YAS-108 hits all the marks with tech integrations. However, if you’re a Google Assistant fan, you will be disappointed, because it is not compatible.

Bose Solo 5

If you love audio products, you know Bose. The Bose Corporation primarily sells audio equipment, including headphones, speakers, and wearables. It is headquartered in Framingham, MA and was established in 1964. Check out the article I wrote that’s all about Bose audio products and their uses in home entertainment centers today.

The Bose Solo 5 (on Amazon) is a fairly low-priced soundbar that is a popular choice on Amazon. It is well-rated for its dialogue clarity and its many sought-after technology features.


The Bose Solo 5 is a soundbar that can either come by itself or with a wall mount for an additional price. It is known for its ability to deliver great dialogue enhancements with dialogue mode, so you can hear every word and detail in your content. Enjoy Bluetooth streaming and a universal remote for your TV, bass, Bluetooth, and beyond.

It is simple to set up and use, and it is stylish and compact. If you like simplicity and love dialogue clarity features, this soundbar is for you.


Like the other low-end budget soundbars on this list, there are only a few connections to this soundbar including aux like the Echo Dot (this is our how-to article), so it is also lacking an HDMI connection. It also doesn’t connect to smart home devices, and it isn’t compatible with Dolby Digital or DTS.

Polk Signa S1

Polk Audio focuses solely on manufacturing audio products and is a top brand for home and auto speakers. It manufactures a broad range of other audio products, as well and was founded in Baltimore, MD in 1972.

The Polk Signa S1 (on Amazon) is a lower end priced soundbar with an array of great technology features, and it includes a wireless, compact subwoofer for a rich sound experience.


The Polk Signa S1 is a great buy from a trusted brand and includes a lot of great features. It comes with its patented Voice Adjust technology and 5.1 Dolby Digital decoding, in addition to a few different modes to enjoy: movie mode, music mode, and night mode.

It can be mounted or sat atop of your furniture. It has two 1.25 inch by 4.4-inch mid-range drivers and the 5.25-inch compact subwoofer. It is easy to set up and has a minimalist design — only 2″ tall.

Enjoy Bluetooth streaming paired with a powerful sound from the external subwoofer. It is universally compatible with an optical cable. It is tuned for performance and great for producing high-quality sound in small rooms.


While the Signa S1 is packed with great features, it is lacking HDMI connections and smart home device compatibility.

JBL Bar 3.1

JBL is an audio equipment manufacturer that produces speakers, headphones, home theater systems, and more. They have been in business for over 70 years and provided speaker components for Woodstock, Grateful Dead performances, and its own JBL Fest.

The JBL Bar 3.1 (on Amazon) is a powerful, high-quality soundbar with an external, wireless subwoofer. It has a load of features and additional connections.


The JBL Bar 3.1-channel soundbar is a mid-range priced soundbar and at the higher end of this list for small rooms.

It comes with a lot of great features, including JBL surround sound, 450W of power, a 10″ wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth streaming, and true 4K connectivity with three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output (ARC).

The three HDMI connections allow you to connect three 4K devices for an enhanced entertainment experience. Plus, enjoy clear dialogue, JBL SoundShift technology to easily shift between devices, and compatibility with your TV remote. It can be mounted or sat atop of your furniture.


With its 4K compatibility, the JBL Bar 3.1 is a soundbar that you will love for the long-term, but if you are into smart home technology like Amazon Alexa, you will be disappointed that it is not compatible. If you are looking for a pretty low-priced option, this also may be out of your budget.

Wohome S19

Wohome is a leading, global manufacturer of smart home products, including soundbars, Wi-Fi video doorbells, dehumidifiers, and more. Wohome’s soundbars have gained a lot of popularity on Amazon for low pricing and great quality.

The Wohome S19 (on Amazon) is a well-made, low-priced soundbar that is perfect for small rooms. Don’t let the price fool you — it is designed with sought-after technology features and speakers that you will enjoy.


The Wohome S19 is the lowest priced soundbar on this list, but it is packed with great features. It has four 15W full-range speakers, plus two 10w tweeter drivers, totaling 80W and 100dB of output power. Enjoy a Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connection for streaming, as well as wired connections to AUX, optical, and USB.

Its sound technology includes DSP with adjustable bass and treble, plus voice clarity. You can mount it or place it on your entertainment center. It is a good fit for TVs 34″ and above.


For such a low price, there isn’t much more you could ask of the Wohome S19. But unlike its higher-priced competition, it doesn’t integrate with any of the hands-free smart home devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It is also missing an HDMI connection.

In addition, it does not support Dolby or DTS, so you will have to disable them on your TV. It also isn’t compatible with a universal or TV remote.

Wohome S9920

Also from low-priced, high-quality smart home product manufacturer Wohome is the Wohome S9920 (on Amazon). This soundbar is larger than the S19 and has a few additional features. Just like the S19, it is highly rated on Amazon.


The Wohome S9920 comes with four 15W full-range speakers and two 10W tweeters with 105dB of powerful sound to fill your room. Enjoy two bass reflex tubes for rich bass in all of your entertainment. It is equipped with DSP technology for clear, precise sound and three sound modes: movie, news, and music.

There are RCA, USB, and optical inputs, and you can connect wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.0. It can be mounted or set atop of your entertainment center (our top 8 list with fireplaces), and it is great for TVs 40″ and bigger.


Like the S19, the S9920 is truly a great buy with its high-quality speakers, power, and technology. However, it also doesn’t connect with your smart home devices for hands-free controls and is missing an HDMI connection. Like the S19, it doesn’t support Dolby Digital or DTS and isn’t compatible with your universal or TV remote.

Wohome S28

Another great Wohome soundbar option for a small space is the Wohome S28 (on Amazon). The Wohome S28 is a great buy with built-in subwoofers and six total drivers, plus all of the features Wohome includes with its other soundbars at such a low price.


If you love bass at a low price, you’ll love the Wohome S28. It includes two built-in 3-inch subwoofers for deep bass to help bring out the low tones in all of your entertainment. It also includes two 3-inch full-range speakers and two 1-inch tweeter speakers for 105dB of power for your small room.

This 38-inch soundbar is a great fit for TVs 40″ and above, and it also includes DSP technology, four sound modes, and adjustable treble and bass. Stream music through Bluetooth 4.2 and connect to it through digital optical, RCA, AUX, and USB.


Like the other Wohome soundbars, there’s not much to complain about. However, if you want hands-free controls with smart home devices, this isn’t the soundbar for you. It’s also missing an HDMI connection, doesn’t support Dolby Digital or DTS, and isn’t compatible with other remotes.

Wohome S18

If you love Wohome’s low prices and high-quality features, you will also want to check out the Wohome S18 (on Amazon). Unlike the other Wohome soundbars on this list, the new S18 is a 2.1-channel system with a wired subwoofer for a more powerful bass experience.


The Wohome S18’s main selling point from the other Wohome soundbars is its 5.5-inch wired subwoofer, which in itself creates 60W of power. It also includes four 15W built-in speakers and two bass reflex tubes to hone-in on low-frequency sounds, bringing a room-filling sound. With the S18, you get 120W of power and a 95dB output.

Whether you love music, movies, or both, you’ll enjoy the sound from the Wohome S18, and it is still extremely cheap compared to the majority of other soundbars, which makes it perfect for a small space. Like the other Wohome soundbars, it comes with Bluetooth streaming and AUX, optical, and USB connections.

It is 34 inches long and is able to be mounted if desired. It is best with TVs 42″ and above and is compatible with most TVs on the market.


This is a great soundbar for the money, but it does have the same few downfalls as other Wohome soundbars: no HDMI connection, no Dolby Digital or DTS compatibility, no smart home compatibility, and no other remote compatibility.


VIZIO is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality TVs, soundbars, speakers, and the award-winning SmartCast™. It is headquartered in Irvine, CA and is a trusted name in the home entertainment industry.

The VIZIO SB3820-C6 (on Amazon) is packed with top-notch technology, bass enhancers, and a stylish exterior. It will both look and sound great in your small living space.


The VIZIO SB3820-C6 is a great buy for a small room. It is equipped with 100dB of room-flooding sound and deep bass modules that eliminate the need for an external subwoofer. Connect wirelessly to the SB3820-C6 with Bluetooth and enjoy audio technology like Dolby Digital, DTS Studio Sound™, DTS TruVolume™, and DTS TruSurround™.

The SB3820-C6 can either be mounted or placed on your furniture and has less than one percent total harmonic distortion for a top-notch sound at a very low price. It is 38 inches long and is compact and lightweight.


At such a low price, the VIZIO SB3820-C6 is a wonderful buy, but it does lack a few features. It doesn’t connect with Amazon Alexa or other smart home devices, and it doesn’t have an HDMI connection.


Also from leading home entertainment manufacturer VIZIO is the VIZIO SB3821-D6 (on Amazon). Unlike the SB3820-C6, the SB2821-D6 is a 2.1-channel soundbar with an external subwoofer. It is powerful and stylish, and it is low-priced.


For those who love bass in their small space, the SB2821-D6 is a great, low-priced buy from a top manufacturer. Enjoy a wireless 5.25-inch subwoofer for a top-notch 2.1-channel system. Enjoy Bluetooth streaming, 95dB of sound power, and less than 1% total harmonic distortion.

It boasts of a clear, room-filling sound that attempts to mimic a classic surround sound setup. It is equipped with Dolby Digital, DTS TruSurround, and DTS TruVolume. It is 28 inches long and a stylish touch to any room.


Like the SB3820-C6, the VIZIO SB2821-D6 also lacks a few features that may be a deal-breaker to you. It won’t be able to connect with your Amazon Alexa or smart home devices, and it also doesn’t have an HDMI connection.


For your small space, you have a wide range of options as far as pricing and features, but with all of these options, the quality is top-notch. The right choice for you will depend on how much you want to spend and your must-have features.

Whatever choice you make, you will love the room-filling sound that you will get from these top soundbar options.


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