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About The Home Theater DIY


The Home Theater DIY is an informative website that teaches readers all about home theater products, design, lighting, etc. Our goal is to be the ultimate resource for all home entertainment needs!


The Home Theater DIY was started back in late 2017. Jonah Matthes and another individual came up with the initial concept. We found that there wasn’t a lot of current information out there regarding home theater design, so we decided to create our own website and provide current and valuable information to the world!

The Home Theater DIY is now run solely by Jonah Matthes and a team of very intelligent and passionate writers and editors.

Again, our main goal is to provide the best resources to anyone looking to build and design their perfect Home Theater or Home Entertainment System. This includes everything about the room design, lighting, and products such as projectors, televisions, a/v receivers, speakers, soundbars, power distribution, and more!

Jonah Matthes has also built a successful YouTube channel and another tech-based website called SortaTechy. We plan to continually build this website with amazing resources.

If you have any suggestions for articles that we should write or videos that we should make, feel free to contact us!