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2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

Black Friday is always my favorite time to buy different electronics because this is when I can get the best deals on speakers, computers, monitors, televisions, etc.

Below you’ll see some of the best deals that I could find! Simply click or tap the products you want to see the deals for to quickly navigate to them.

Budget Soundbars

Mid-tier Soundbars

High-end Soundbars



Projector Screens

There aren’t many deals going on for decent projector screens. Most seem to be very cheap and I wouldn’t really recommend them. So here are a few projector screens that I recommend, but they aren’t discounted at this time.

Audio/Video Receivers

We haven’t found any good AV Receiver deals at this time. Please feel free to contact us if you found a good deal!

Smart Speakers

Media Devices


Love it!
Highwings 48Gbps Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable - 8K60Hz, 4K120Hz

I use this HDMI cable with my 65" LG CX, soundbar, and PS5. I can confirm that it does support 4K @ 120Hz.

  • Great price
  • Many length options
  • Verified to support 4K120Hz
  • Thicker cable
  • Difficult to bend
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12/08/2021 03:04 am GMT