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How Effective are Acoustic Panels

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When it comes to audio quality, where every upgrade seems to involve understanding the nuances of connector types and advanced format standards, it’s surprising to find a piece of hardware that can improve your system but doesn’t even need to be plugged in. But acoustic …

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Why Are Some Projectors So Loud?

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Noise is hands down the biggest problem projector owners have with their equipment. Whether you’re watching a movie or giving a presentation, a noisy projector is an unwelcome disruption. Luckily a projector that’s too loud is something that can be remedied with some quick and …

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HDMI vs Mini HDMI vs Micro HDMI

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HDMI has become one of the most prolific audio/video transfer standards. The “High-Definition Multimedia Interface” is so embedded in the modern technology ecosystem that it’s hard to find a device that you want to stream content from that you can’t use some version of HDMI …